Essential Oils Class

It was nice having you attend!

What You Learned......

I hope that you were able to learn lots of new facts and ideas of how essential can be used.

I could have probably gone on and on for another hour or so on how I have used the oils on myself, kids and family members along with all the recipes and neat accessories BUT it was getting late and I know there's only so much excitement one can take for a night! LOL


These oils are very versatile and are safe for use on almost everyone! This company is adamant about helping you become educated so that you can empower yourself to help your body heal itself naturally. It's a fairly new company of only 7 years but the products are not new... Essential oils have been used for MANY years back in history.

doTERRA vs. other essential oil brands?

Get your thinking gears working...

When you google essential oils you will find TONS of websites and blogs with mixed opinions. Even asking your general westernized physician might get you a completely different response than let's say a holistic/natural naturopath (doctor) or Chinese medicine practitioner. After doing my research (for probably way too many hours than I really needed) I have chosen this company to use for myself and my family and I couldn't be happier!

There are some other good brands/companies that bottle some high quality oils, but Doterra is the only one I have found that has ALL of these:

- sources their oils from plants in regions around the world where they grow best

- makes the learning resources VERY user friendly and easy to access

- has a network of people who are always willing to help and answer questions

- is a company of good values and morals and gives back to local and global communities

- offers ways to get free products and offers income for sharing with others

- provides a high quality essential oils that I can see, smell and feel the difference!

From "Green Smoothie Girl" one of my favorite health bloggers:

Why GreenSmoothieGirl LOVES doTERRA essential oils!

But I still have "IF"s...

If you would like to start living healthier, want to start choosing better options for your everyday ailments and want to use high quality to do so... doTERRA Essential Oils are totally worth a try....What do you have to loose?

But what if I find them cheaper online: Please DO NOT order these off of AMAZON.COM, whoever has set up an account there is NOT authorized to sell Doterra and they are actually in some kind of lawsuit battle to get them off of there. If you do order from they are not guaranteed and I really don't know what you will actually be getting in those bottles. The only true way to get is directly from doTERRA, through a Wellness Advocate link like mine.

If you love these oils BUT they seem out of your budget, I can talk to you about the best way to make them affordable. Text me and we can chat!

If you WANT THESE OILS NOW but are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.... Don't fret I can walk you through this process and we can start slow with as little as one oil OR choosing starter kit that contains a variety of oils/products that best suits your needs.