For IFLRY Vice President


Below is a virtual leaflet outlining my full platform. Here, you can find out more about me and my three priority areas for the forthcoming term. To find out more about my experience visit my Facebook timeline. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat - contact me through the buttons in the About Me section. Thanks for reading!

About Me

I'm an International Politics graduate from London (Liberal Youth, UK) with a professional background in the Public Relations sector and a proven track record in youth politics.

As Communications Officer for LY, I oversaw the overhaul of our party website, the establishment of an award winning political youth blog, an enhancement of our social media presence, the reinstatement of regular member emails and the delivery of national media coverage.

As my focus shifted to the international community, I have been responsible for facilitating numerous IFLRY trainings including the Training of Facilitators in Antalya where I helped to develop a new generation of facilitators.

I strongly believe that IFLRY should place great focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in our forthcoming term. The Arab world is going through a historic period of change and they need the support of their European neighbours and the rest of the international community to ensure that the society they are striving for is realised.

As a political virtue, I value pragmatism to ensure that what is promised can be delivered. Having given much thought as to how I could help move the organisation forward, I have outlined below three key areas that I would seek to deliver within in my term of office.

1. Overhauling our communications

  • My professional background is in Public Relations and my strongest offer to IFLRY is in being able to dramatically enhance its internal and external communications.
  • The website must rapidly become an information and resource hub that truly reflects who we are and enables MOs to work better together within the federation.
  • Our social media presence must be continually active and remain relevant to our audiences.
  • Our emails must be smarter and deliver content that our MOs desire in a timely and concise manner.
  • Finally, our media and political relations must become more strategic and sustainable, putting an end to our ad-hoc approach and reliance upon individual's own networks.

P.S. Look the time of writing, IFLRY's last tweet was over three months ago! How can this be right?!

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2. Entrenching our training offer

  • The vast majority of my experience within IFLRY to date has been as a Facilitator (or trainer).
  • Having been a participant in Istanbul and Strasbourg and a Team Member in Budapest, Chisinau, Antalya and Cairo - I deeply understand the value of our Non Formal Education offer and want to continue to enhance this core element of our organisation.
  • To that end I would like to take a leading role in seeing through the establishment of the Pool of Trainers and work closely with MOs to understand how this facility can best benefit them.

Facilitation is my passion, look - I'm stupidly happy in the image below with Frerik Kampman. If I'm elected, I will look to continue facilitating at as many events as I can.

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3. Professionalising our image

  • Again drawing on my experience from the Public Relations industry, I would like to see IFLRY professionalise its corporate identity.
  • This is so that it can better present itself to sponsors, partners, influencers and decision makers.
  • It includes standardising document templates, the creation of brand guidelines, production of branded promotional materials as well as the development of internal processes that will enable the more efficient delivery of public facing activity.

Look at our logo below. It's brilliant. But we don't support it well enough. We need brand guidelines, a colour scheme and proper templates so that we can make the most of it.

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