Oil Spills

By Matthew Cheung


Imagine you are a animal who lives in the ocean, and you come up to take a breath, but then you see other animals killed. You have no idea what happened but when you take your breath, there is a deadly black liquid speeding in your direction but you are too slow. It catches up to you, and damages your body by giving you hypothermia, as you keep on trying to swim, but its too late. It has destroyed your body and you eventually die - Because of 1 oil spill. In 1969, there was a oil platform catastrophe, and that 1 platform spilt 3 million gallons of oil! Outbreaks like this happen every few years, and of course, 3 million gallons of oil won't hurt our ocean containing 326 million trillion gallons of water if there was an oil spill every day leaking 3,000,000 gallons of oil, our whole ocean will been absolutely DESTROYED, not because of the water, but marine life would be all DEAD...

Action? Benefits? Problems?

We could transfer oil through trucks, though, If there was an accident such as an oil spill or a car crash, it would kill many people, but also no marine animals. The smartest idea of all is either to use solar energy, meaning there are no oil spills on land or in the ocean, and there would be no oil pollution and no oil spills. But that would mean people who run an oil business would go broke, and some people might keep on using oil because solar powered items are normally more expensive than oil run vehicles/products. So in conclusion, personally, I would think that by stopping oil drilling, people would have to transport oil, and we would have a more eco-friendly.


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