The Lao People's Democratic Republic

The Basics

  • Location: Southeastern Asia, Northeast of Thailand and West of Vietnam.
  • Weather: Has a wet and a dry season. Average in the dry season which is around December is 24 degrees Celcius and in June the average is 24 degrees Celcius in the wet season.
  • Climate Type: Tropical Monsoon rainy season May to November, dry season is December to April.
  • 2 Physical Characteristics: The Mekong River and the Plateau des Boloven

How to fit in

Language: Lao

Folkways: Don't touch heads, Don't flash skin, Shoes left outside, Don't kiss or embrace.

Taboos: Never raise your voice, No drugs, No poluting, Daily showers.

Values: Collectivism, Buddhism, Image, Control from top to bottom as in age.

Digging Deeper into Culture

Subcultures: Capitalists, and Echelons

Culture Landscape: Vat Phou ( Mountain Temple) and Khmer (Shrine)

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: Chinese and Vietnamese converted to the Lao culture.

Evidence of Cultural Change: the French introduced drinking coffee and eating bread.

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