What it is and how to prevent it

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How Obesity is Aquired

The definition of obesity is obtaining extra body fat. It can be caused by snacking, stress, lack of exercise, low self esteem and depression.

Effects of Obesity

-Kids are more likely to develop asthma with obesity
-Obesity can lead to heart disease or other heart problems
-High blood pressure
-Type 2 diabetes

Effects of Obesity

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How to Prevent Obesity

Don't snack a lot. Exercise regularly for 60 minutes.Don't eat oily foods.
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Interesting Facts

-Many children are obese in the ages of 12-18, 18%. That is triple the amount since 1980.

-Kids who are overweight or obese will miss more school because of bullying.

-Obesity is an extra amount of fat, which more people are 20% more than over their ideal mass.

Obesity Facts and Statistics

A commemoration to other Obese People

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