By: Erica Gonzales Period7th Mrs.Norris


Photosynthesis is what we use and could be used for plants. Photosynthesis has Sunlight, it's one of the stage process of growing or needing sunlight for a plant. It also has (Gluclose) gluclose is what provides the leaf to have sugar, "gluclose is sugar". Co2, O2, and c6H12O6 is what have atoms and oxygen molecules also gas for the plant.

Photosynthesis equation

Compound Photosynthesis equations

  1. Co2: Is carbon dioxide which is a naturally a occur compound but is collected with two oxygen atoms.
  2. O2: Has gas, Oxygen molecule, and O2 is what we use to breathe (oxygen). Oxygen is what goes into our body that has all the air and brings it back out.
  3. c6H12o6: This compound has 6 atoms of carbon, 12 atoms of hydrogen, and it has 6 atoms of oxygen.