Foundations 1-Literature Class

January 12, 2016-

Autobiography Projects

Just note to remind all students to continue working on their autobiography projects. Remember to look at the rubric and ,OF COURSE, be sure to check grammar and spelling on the written portion you will be turning in. Putting your best foot forward in all aspects of the project is very important.

Parents, i would encourage you to check in with your child each week to see the progress they are making.

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Hands On Experience-Helen Keller

We are all trying to wrap our minds around all that Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan were able to accomplish together. Christa opened the girls' class in prayer by thanking God for the inspiration that Helen Keller is. The kids appreciate her character.

We enjoyed discussing powerful scenes, Helen's character, and the way she came to communicate with her world. Students noticed that she uses "seeing" and "hearing" language as she tells in story in the book. For example: She mentions the last time she saw her doll.

To get a teeny feel of what a blind person experiences, students were blind-folded and led around by a guide. Some felt at ease ( Nathaniel, Makenzie, Alli) , some felt unsure and slow to trust ( Maddie Grace!) , and all felt out of their comfort zone. The boys decided I should try it, after being on the "instructing side" for a good number of years with this activity, I moved to the "doing side"! I, too, had trust issues...DO YOU BLAME ME!!?? Luckily Kathy Moore and Shanna monitored so that I did not end up in the pool (Chris Breedlove!!).

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Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

Tuesdays 9-10:30; 1-2:30


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