Switzerland's Global Trade

More Watches than you think.

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Switzerland is a Federal Republic in Europe with just over eight million people. The Swiss Franc is used with an exchange rate of .99 Francs to the USD and 1.11 Francs to the Euro.
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Switzerland exports Gold ($66.6B), Packaged Medicaments ($34.1B), and all watches, of both basic and precious metal composition($23.4B) the most.

Switzerland's top imports are Gold($73.1B), Packaged Medicaments ($15.8B), and Cars ($10.5B).


Switzerland is a industry heavy nation nation with a famously strong financial market , which it dominates due to the stability of it's currency due to the nations foreign neutrality doctrine. It's Service sector and specialized labor force allow it to focus on technology based products. Add on a low corporate tax, and the Swiss have made a nation with one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world.

Pros and Cons

The Swiss Financial Sector is a safe place for investment, and the high quality of the goods the Swiss export is worthy of the increased prices associated with the labor.

However, The Swiss have a protected agricultural sector, and cannot reasonably accept large quantities of trade by boat due to their landlocked status, leading to slightly higher shipping costs to nations outside of Europe.

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