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Manassas va

Human Environment Interaction Humans and their environment

Natural Resources: Manassas National Battelfeild Park protects over 5000 acers of natural reservation.

Climate/Weather: Summers in Manassas,Va are warm and humid while winters are relatively mild. There is pleasnt weather in spring and ahtum.

Major Industries: Ecmworx LLC On Line technoiogies consulting,OTB Associates LLC

Physical features: Hilly, grassy, and a small town.

Location Where is it

What is the latitude and longitude? Manassas coordinates 38.7514 N , 77.4764 W

Continent: U.S.A

Movement How people , things , and ideas move in a place.

Major forms of transportation: Sedans,town-cars,limos,and more.

Types of clothing worn: Wear suits and normal clothes.

Foods eaten: Greek,Mexican,dairy,Italian,and American foods.

Place what is it like?

5 tourist places in Manassas,VA: Manassas National Battlefield Park. It is buttiful and it alot of things their. Manassas Museum System. It has a wagon that you can ride on and its big. Manassas Train Station nice small train station. Potomac Mills is Virgina's largest mall and features an indoor shopping experience with over 200 stores.


Languages spoken:Engilsh

Ethnicity:Look at graph.

Religion:Centreville,VA Fairfax,VA Lorton,VA Clifton,VA Washington DC

Major Cities:Washington DC Centerville,VA Chantilly,VA

Other interesting facts: In July 1861,the first battel of Manassasas also know as the first battel of Bull Run-the first major land battel of the american civil war was fought.