Before I Die (Jenny Downham)

Sarah Schiffman


Tessa: She has cancer and only a little while to live. Creating a bucket list she intends to do everything on it at any cost. She is a dynamic character because she starts out by only considering her self, her life ending, but comes to see that her family needs her as much as she needs them.

Her Dad: He is a static character because he has always been right by Tessa's side. Throughout the whole book he's with her and even helps her with her list (even if some of the things are risque). His love never falters.

Zoey: Zoe is Tessa's best friend. She likes to party and live on the edge, shes a very real and honest person, a no bull crap character. She changes though because when Tess decides to lose her virginity, Zoey has sex the same night she becomes pregnant. She takes charge of her life and becomes more grownded and mature.

Her Mom: She is a dynamic character because she was never really there for Tess after she left. She didnt like to be around her and sort of acted like she could catch the cancer. But near the end she is there more often and helps Tess a lot. Becomeing a better mom and wife.

Adom: He is Tess's boyfriend, he became her boyfriend near the end of her death and even though shes dieing he never stops loving her, never stops doing cute things and even helps with her list and her life.


Its a sickness that causes abnormal blood cell growth in the body. Bad cells grow out of good blood cells and multiply until they burst. It starts in the bone marrow and works its way around the body. THey also grow so fast the outgrow their function and there for don't help the body anymore.


Where does this take place?

This story takes place in a town near england. She takes about traveling around the world but settles for traveling around europe, as one of the things on her list. Most of the story is around her house and her boyfriends beautiful gardon, he lives next door to her. It also talks about a summer house she and her family used to travel to when she was younger and her and Zoey get to visit it.


Throughout the whole book Tess fights whats going inside her body. She wants nothing more than to be herself again, to just forget, be normal for a bit. She is also constantly fighting with her dad, he wants nothing but to let her let him in but she can't see that. She feels as if hes trying to protect her form something her can't, herself.


Reading this book, opens your eyes to how everything can change in a moment.

In a blink of an eye everything can be gone, someone you love, to yourself. It teaches you that you shouldn't take anything for granted. Enjoy the little things, slow down and open your eyes. Look and what you have and not what you don't. REspect yourself, respect other. Be an openminded person.

Its okay to let yourself go once n a while. Its okay to dance in the rain, or take an unplanned road trip. Get lost, meet someone new, fall in and out of love.

You only get one chance to live your life, so live how you want to and don't let people who are unimportant stop you and change how you are.

Be your own kind of beautiful.