Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We take care of all your worries!

We provide all the needs and wants for eternal rest!

When it comes to eternal rest, there are many worries and questions about what will happen and if things will be taken care of so your friends and family do not have to worry and that’s what we are here for. We are here to help with all of your after death needs such as:

  • Cremation or burial (including location)
  • Types of caskets
  • Memorial services (songs, singers, readings, eulogy, time, location, etc.)

We offer benefits and arraignment for members of the military and public safety (Police, Fire, and EMS personnel)

We also offer transportation assistance through our partners at Lavdas Limousines. They will provide you with transportation to and from the funeral home, church, cemetery, or anywhere else your services are held. To see more information about our partner you can visit them online at:

Here are some of the things we provide!

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We are located in a friendly and local location.

Our business and coordination office is open:

Monday-Friday 7am-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

We are also available for home visits to discuss all your planning needs!