God of Hedonism

Kablamos' existence

Kablamos has a joyful and imposing appearance with long, curly hair. He is different from other gods in that he isn't a super-athletic looking giant; he's got a normal body that is built for only the necessities of physical activity. He is father to a great number of children and is responsible for the "pleasure in the little things". He doesnt consider himself a god, but he is deffinitely convinced he is a great role-model for how people should live their lives. His powers include altering someones perception to make them believe that-no matter what the current situation-they are having a pleasent experience. He also has the ability to create great devotion to himself or between others. He has also lost any sense of regret or guilt, seeing as everything he has done has been what he wanted to do at some point. He inspires this feeling in others as well.