We Are Family!

September 17, 2014



My TET student came today and told my class how much she enjoys Ross and wants to be a teacher just like me!

Kinder students were excited to get on scooters for the first time and did an excellent and safe job in riding them.

A kinder student gave me a hug and told me how much she loved P.E.

Did a BAS test on a student who I thought was lower than he really was!

A really tough kid told me he loved me!

A student was really excited to see me today after I read to his class.

No one has been hurt in the bubble lab.

Child with behavior issues finally earned treasure box.

Student read an entire Leveled Reader without breaking speech or stemming.

Student said "row row"!!

Student demonstrated intentional communication

I noticed a huge behavioral improvement w a child

I had a really great parent meeting regarding a challenging topic

Spoke w the parents of kid who has been struggling and he is now doing great.

50% more students have started saying, "good morning!"

Student was actively reading during phonics mini lesson in class

A student who has done very little work this year did some work yesterday

I got a reluctant writer excited about writing leads today

The kids are doing great at car rider line in grades 3-5

The kids were really excited about seeing teachers at McDonalds

Good behavior=happy student. I had a GREAT WEEK with a student who was a previous discipline problem.

A student to Mrs. Beavers that she wants to have my job as a counselor

Several students walked by and said, "I get to go to art today!"

Student retained a social cue.

"Ah ha"s

Whispering with my afternoon class w my afternoon group works better to keep them quiet and calm!

I learned to access Math curriculum on line, you must use google chrome as your browser.

5th graders are very informative about bullying characteristics. I was very impressed during character camp lesson.

Kids will rise to your expectations, just give then a chance to prove it.

Let kids talk it out! They solve their problems better than me!

I learned that doing think alouds for children is important at home and at school.

Math training w Erika for hiding assessment very helpful.

New ways to get students attention - Scooby

The knowledge fifth graders knew about bullying and conflict was discussed during character camp.

Quaver curriculum is awesome! Great graphics. Can't wait for new book adoption.