Northwest Warehouse

February 2014

Gate Code Has Changed

Each year we change the gate code in January to correspond with the current year. Both locks are now set to 2-0-1-4 effective immediately.

When locking the locks, please interlock them with each other. We do this in the event one of the locks isn't working properly. It will still allow entrance into the property.

If you have any trouble with the new code, please give Jerry or Tisha a call.


Please remember to ALWAYS lock the gate when you leave, even if you plan to return in a few minutes!! We want to keep the property secure and that means we all have to work together! We are now fining those who do not lock the gate behind them with a $25 fee for the first offense and subsequently higher fees thereafter.

It is your responsibility to notify those to whom you allow access to the property and to your unit to lock the gate. The fine will be assessed to the person who signed the contract, regardless if it's you personally or to someone you've allowed access into your unit.

As always, we suggest that everyone carry renters insurance on their unit. It's inexpensive and a good way to insure your valuables!

New Units & New Parking Lots to Open Soon!

You may have already noticed the new gravel drive too! Blah blah blah... Need text here.

Save a Stamp!

No Hassle Way to Pay... We are now accepting all major credit cards. Fill out our credit card form and no more mailing in your monthly payments, we'll handle the rest! Less hassle and no more late fees! If you'd like to set up a credit card payment, please contact Tisha at for more details.