Intelligent, Athletic, Cute...

Looking For My Perfect Match! **365 Days In the Shelter!**

Shadow needs an experienced owner who understands the needs of a working breed like the border collie (he's a mix). Exercise and continued training will be key to his success!

Some Words That Describe Me....

Here are a few words that describe me in case you find some that match what you're looking for:

  • Athletic
  • Keen to Please
  • Smart
  • Adventurous
  • Energetic
  • Sweet

If there's something there you like then you should know a bit more about me. I am around 3 years old (so they tell me) and love to hang out with the grown-ups and older kids or teens, not so much a fan of the little people so if you have or want little kids, I'm not your guy (but one of my roomie's may be keep looking and good luck).

I am really into fitness and living an active lifestyle. Daily workouts keep me in my happy place so please be ready to join me on jogs and long walks, or lots of yard play so we both stay happy and healthy together.

I currently live with roommates but am looking for my own place.... or yours... as the roomie life is getting old. I wouldn't mind hanging out with a bud (human and dog varieties...I am not a cat fan) and although the farm life is the life for some, it's not for me if that farm includes livestock. I love the chase and apparently they don't (total bummer).

I'm the kind of guy who is sweet and will keep you company on long winter evenings or relaxing summer nights but I'm no pushover and will keep you on your toes. My ideal love will take time to train me in his or her ways because I'm all about learning and am out to please, especially if you have a treat to offer me (hint-hint).

I've been living the single life too long and have suffered through a few disappointments. If you can relate and are ready to work together on a beautiful romance, come out and see me or take me on a date.

The photos below show me with some young but very experienced volunteers, guided by their Mom. They totally get me and are patient with me. I ruff them! And don't miss my video at the bottom - saved the best for last. Next stop Hollywood!

VID 20150115 154135571
Shadow is At CCAC ID #A006581

Directions to CCAC & Hours You Can Meet Shadow Are Listed - Just Click