Crusader Times

March 2016

Words From Our Principal

Dear Parents,

We are half way through our second semester and our students continue to have great achievements. I hope everyone has an amazing two weeks resting and getting ready to come back strong to finish the semester. Spring break is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and to recharge batteries. Whether you are staying in town or traveling, please be safe. I wish everyone a great and well-deserved break.

Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D.

Zero Tolerance

At Bonita Vista Middle School we recognize the importance of educational equity for all students and welcome the challenges as we seek to continue to produce individuals who are academically competent, well informed and productive members of society.

All Bonita Vista Middle students are expected to be respectful and responsible students. Willful disobedience, defiance, and disrespect towards adults and fellow students is not permitted. This includes and is not limited to bullying, threats, hate crimes, name calling, and racist remarks. Any act or attempted act, which constitutes an expression of hostility towards any person because of his or her actual or perceived race, religion, disability, gender, nationality or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Failure to adhere to these expectations will result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include: Student Referral, Saturday School, In-School Suspension, Suspension, Intra-District Transfer, and Expulsion.

Knowledge Bowl District Champions

Congratulations to BVM’s Knowledge Bowl Team for winning the District Championship. This is the second year in a row that they have accomplished such an outstanding feat! Thank you for representing BVM in such a positive way!

Aquino, Jasmari

Arreola, Alvin

Asaro, Calista

Banuelos, Sabrina

Bittenbender, Brianna

Bobadilla,-Fletes, Ivana

Del Rio, Kalani

Espinosa, Alexandra

Gerken, Gaberiel

Griego, Lucero

Haslett, Wesley

Heard, Samantha

Herlitman, Faith

Hill, Sofia

Oquendo, Ajani

Pearl, Maria

Rucker, Tyden

Shorty, Justin

Soloranzo, Elijah

Yang, Elizabeth

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Winter Sports Pep Rally

On February 19th and 26th an pep rally was held for 7th and 8th graders to promote and support our Winter Sports Teams. Thank you for all your hard work and good luck BVM Athletes at upcoming games.

Student Art Work

· Congratulations to the following 20 artists at BVM whose art work was chosen for display at the District art show; Katelyn Abiva, Ian Jasper Blando, Angelina Chavez, Lhani Cobarrubias, Isabella Duenas, Kelsey Elenes, Savannah Estevez, Aidan Fimbres, Olivia Huey, Audrey Kunz, Rayin Sky Masangkay, Courtney McDaniel, Sean Newmyer, Darya Rayatparvar, Kryselle Salazar, Tammy Sisty, Kelsey Stuckey, Kaitlyn Tolentino Vianca Truillo and Carlos Verdugo-Hernandez. BVM student, Olivia Huey’s self-portrait won PRINCIPAL’S Choice award and Sky Masangkay’s self-portrait won both a Teacher’s choice and an Emeritus award for outstanding student artwork. All staff and students are invited to view Sweetwater’s Best student artwork at the South Chula Vista Library on Orange Avenue until April 3.

Student Recognition

We would like to recognize the huge accomplishment of Brandon Casiple who on March 14th competed at the 65th Annual Garden Judo Tournament in Los Angeles and placed 1st in his weight and age division! Awesome work Brandon!
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Coming Soon!

Our next community carnival hosted by AVID will be taking place on April 22nd! Save the Date!

Staff of the Month

This month we would like to recognize our wonderful art teacher, Mary Pollard, who every month lights up our office and library with student art work. Students are continuously actively engaged in her class and produce fantastic art work that would make you doubt that the art work was actually produced by middle school students. Her students recently competed in the Annual SUHSD Student Art Exhibition and did phenomenally well. Congratulations Ms, Pollard!

Book Fair

The book fair ended on Friday, March 4th and was a big success! Thank you to the teachers who brought their classes, to the parent volunteers who gave their time and to the students who made purchases! We made over $1300 in profits which will help us to add new titles to the library. Thank you again for your support!

Community Resources

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PTSA Updates

Calling on all parent volunteers! We are in need of parent volunteers to assist with our student crossing before and after school. If you are available and willing to help, please contact Ms. Amador at (619) 397-2212.

Health Corner

Manage Stress for Better Health

Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives. Some stress is beneficial to us; stress can serve as a type of motivator to help us get the things we need to do done. At the same time, too much stress can be detrimental to our bodies. Stress can contribute to digestive disorders, increased blood pressure, sleeping difficulties and many other physical ailments.

Adults and children are both susceptible to the negative effects of stress. To help manage stress, consider exercise or trying to relax a bit more often. Regular exercise for adults and children can increase self-esteem and confidence; it can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and also depression. Consider doing activities as a family such as biking, walking, and hiking. Getting enough sleep is also crucial to managing stress in all ages.

Learn what causes stress in your life and in your children’s lives. Try to take measures to reduce these stressors by making lists, prioritizing tasks and then completing tasks one at a time. Be sure to make time for enjoyable activities and help your children to do the same. Everybody needs “down time” to just relax and do something enjoyable. The upcoming Spring break is a perfect time to begin to implement some of these ideas for better living for you and your family.

I hope everyone has a very restful and enjoyable break. Take care, and stay healthy.

Christi Stoddard, RN

Counselors Corner

8th Graders that were absent to BVH 9th Grade Registration in PE 8 classes on Friday, March 11 can pick up Registration Form from Counseling Center.

7th Graders that have not turned in 8th Grade Course Offerings and Promotion Requirement Forms signed by parent can turn in to their Counselor.

Students are advised to use Spring Break to catch up on any missing homework since there is only 9 weeks of school left before Semester 2 Report Card Grades.

Technology Corner

Have you ever taken a picture with your iPad camera, stored it in Photos, annotated it Notability, imported it into a Google Slides presentation, and then shared it with your class? If you have, then you are an App Smasher! According to Greg Kulowiec, who came up with the name, “App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks.” As you have probably noticed there isn't one single app that does everything. Apps usually do one thing really well. In order to create what you want you might need to use more than one app. This requires some ingenuity with the apps you have available to you. To App Smash you first need to get content. You can do this using your camera or Safari. Then you need to add to it. You can annotate, label, and even record sounds using Notability. Next you need to find a way to present your creation using an app like Google Slides or ExplainEverything. Once you get the hang of app smashing there’s no limit to what you can create!

Important Dates

03/21-04/01 - Spring Break

03/21-03/24 - Credit Retrieval for General Science 1, Math 7, and US History

04/04 - ASB Election Campaign Begins

04/06-04/07 - 7th Grade Living Coast Discovery Fish Dissections

04/14 - ASB Elections and Spring Dance

04/18 - ASB Election Results

04/20 - Coffee with the Principal and ELAC Meeting

04/22 - 7th Grade Assembly

04/25 - San Diego Museum of Art DLI Field Trip

04/29 - 8th Grade Assembly