Twelve Techie Gifts

for you and your students.

Let's count down to the holiday break by sharing tech tools!

The First Day


Giving feedback to students in real time is easy with Kaizena. Add voice comments and written comments in Google Documents and Google Presentations. Your students will see your comments when they open their document or presentation. Kaizena will notify students via email as well. Sending personal feedback has never been easier.
Kaizena for Google Docs Getting Started Video

The Second Day


Tackk is a web tool that allows you to create beautiful web pages similar to Smore, Tackk is a free service that works well to show off student projects and class assignments. You do not have to create an account to start using Tackk, and webpages stay up for seven days without creating an account. Once you create an account, webpages stay up indefinitely. Check it out below!
An Introduction to Tackk for Educators

The Third Day


Thinglink makes any image interactive. Add websites, pictures, videos, documents and more to your image with just a click of the mouse. In the example below, click on the holly and play icons to see all the resources added to the image from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Take a moment and check out Thinglink for Education.
Thing Link How-to Video

The Fourth Day


Padlet is a virtual wall that allows users to post any type of information. Need to collaborate on a project? Just go to Padlet and click on the wall to add resources and ideas. You can share the Padlet and invite others to add their ideas. Padlet is one of my all-time favorite tech tools. Enjoy!
How to use Padlet

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The Fifth Day

Resources for Every Subject!

Illuminations, Read Write Think, Science Net Links, Smithsonian's History Explorer & Edsitement

Illuminations for Math

The National Council for Teachers of Math created Illuminations to share lessons plans for teachers and interactives for students K-12. Illuminations provides cool mobile apps and the much celebrated Calculation Nation that allows students to challenge other students around the world.
Algebra Tiles Tutorial

Read Write Think for English Language Arts

The International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English help sponsor Read Write Think, a website dedicated to providing lesson plans, student interactives, mobile apps, and more.
ReadWriteThink ReView: Finding Resources for Your Grade Level at

Science Net Links

Science Net Links provides lessons for K-12 classrooms with interactive resources and programs your students will love. You can search by grade level and subject. Students can also explore the amazing apps available from Science Net Links.

3D Brain App

iCell App

Shape it up!

Check out this cool resource!

Meet Science NetLinks!
National Museum of Natural History - Student Orientation Video

The Sixth Day


What are you wondering about? Wonderopolis allows students to explore their natural curiosity. Everyday a new wonder is posted with an informative video, a detailed explanation and a test your knowledge section. The educator sandbox has teacher resources searchable by grade and subject. You can submit your own wonder of the day and vote for your favorites. Camp Wonderopolis includes interactive lessons for students as well. Check out the wonder below!

Why are school buses yellow?

Liv's First Day of Kindergarten

The Seventh Day

Ed Puzzle

Ed Puzzle is an innovative tech tool that allows you to edit your own video or a pre-existing video by embedding quizzes and adding your voice. Are you thinking of flipping your classroom? Ed Puzzle is the perfect tool! You can even download data that shows quiz results for each student.

Introductory Video

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle

Try out Ed Puzzle at the link below!

The Eighth Day

Super Quiz is a Google Sheets add on tool that allows you to create self-grading quizzes using Google forms. If you like using Flubaroo to grade your quizzes, you will love Super Quiz. It is Flubaroo on steriods!
Super Quiz Video Overview (w. Annotations)

The Ninth Day


SoapBox is a student response system. You can create polls, question and answer discussions and determine who needs extra help by using the confusion barometer. Students remain anonymous, and you can download the results into a spreadsheet. SoapBox is similar to Kahoot except the questions do not have to be timed. Try it out!

The Tenth Day


By using Inklewriter, students can create, author and publish interactive stories. Check out this amazing tech tool.
Introducing inklewriter!

The Eleventh Day

Adobe Voice

Ready to tell your story? Use Adobe Voice to turn photos in beautiful slideshows narrated by you or your students.
Adobe Voice: Show your story. In minutes.

The Twelfth Day

Photos for Class

Need images that your students can use and not violate copyright? Try Photos for Class! All the images are Creative Commons licensed and come with attributions. What is the best part? They are safe, G-rated images.
Big image