Hagen Lumpkin

Ceramics 1

Im blue because my legs are mis-shapened

I created this project because I thought it would be challenging. With this project i had the problem of keeping the legs the same size. I simply didnt fix it and made it abstract. If i could change one thing it would be the toes. I would make them pop more.

Road Kill

This piece was interesting. It started out as a tiki/totem pole. But then i saw the eyes and decided it needed to be something scared. So i wondered what was more scared than a deer about to be run over? So I made a tiki deer and here ya go. It was challenging to make the antlers and one actually broke off. So i just made it a part of the project. I would not change anything about this project.

John Deweese Pottery

This is a piece of functional art. It has a pot attached to the bottom for holding whatever needs to be held. It has dark metallic features. Elements and principles in this artwork include almost all of them. The work is arranged in a circular fashion. Based on this piece of work i would say the artist is current with a darker style. In my opinion this artwork is very boring so i would consider it unsuccessful.


This is a man leaning against something in very little clothing. It is brown and pays attention to detail concerning thye muscles. This piece greatly includes texture. The work is arranged in a simple fashion. I would also say this is a current artist and is simply someone replicating ancient Greek art. This is kind of a solemn pose so that may reflect the artist. This artwork, I would say, is successful. Its well done and is actually interesting.