The Oregon Trail

A New Life...

The Causes for Movement

A lot of people left for a new life. Some left for gold, some for more, and better land, and some for religious freedom.


A lot of setbacks people had were water illness, dusty, open planes, which were hard too ride on, cold weather, blizzards, snowstorms, difficult terrain, Indians, wagons braking, and most of all, exhausting travel.

Additional Facts

  • Jumping off point (St. Joseph)
  • 500,000 people were there
  • A boulder as a half way point (Independence Rock)
  • Were travailing 4 miles per hour

The Route

People started out in Independence, MO and headed to Chimney Rock. They then headed to Independence Rock as a half-way point, and then went to Fort Bridger, Soda Springs, and Fort Hall. They then headed onward to their stopping point of Oregon City!