ArogyaSiri Ayurveda Trust

Center for Alternate Therapy

Abhyanga and Sweda

Complete body massage and steam

  1. Treatment details: Suitable medicated herbal oil, appropriate for the individual’s health need is selected by the physician and applied to the whole body and massaged by two therapists and later made to take steam to induce sweat for a specific time.
  2. Benefits: checks aging process, reduces strain, stress, keeps vatha energy under control, lubricates joints, eliminates toxins, induces sense of well being, tones muscles, improves circulation, regularizes sleep pattern, improves skin complexion, heals wounds, given as pre-procedures in Panchakarma (de-toxification) and rejuvenative treatments.
Duration: 60 minutes

Also avail Udvarthana, Laghu Abhyanga, Basthi & Dhara

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The practice of yoga includes meditation, breath work, physical poses called asanas, and other techniques which are designed to nourish the mind, spirit, and body. In India, yoga has been incorporated into healing arts such as Ayurveda for centuries; in the West, the idea of integrating yoga into medical care arose in the 20th century.

Sessions of therapeutic yoga typically include deep stretching, guided meditation, and breath work. This style of yoga can be integrated into physical therapy regimens, the practice of nursing, and other aspects of health care. Yoga helps patients to relax while strengthening their bodies and spirits, whether they are in recovery from an illness or injury or preparing for major surgery. Therapeutic yoga can also be incorporated into health care which focuses on the psychological aspect of human well-being; it is practiced in mental health facilities, for example, or at retreats for victims of trauma and abuse.

Beauty Treatments

Treatment details: Ayurveda gives equal importance to beauty treatments since it aims at checking ageing process and personal hygiene.

Keshini – hair treatment

Soundharya vardhini – facial
Karashuba kaari – manicure

Paadashuba kaari –pedicure

Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust

ArogyaSiri situated at Kuvempunagar Mysore. As the name suggests ArogyaSiri means to build wealth of health on this earth. At ArogyaSiri we would guarantee you that your association with us would be memorable and you shall enjoy the good health attained by our well trained and time tested practices