VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Ethan Shoemaker

Flll In The Blank

As I stood on the banks of the winding creek, I noticed a large ____________ of guppies swimming briskly in the cool water.


aggregation (n.)
1. A large group or collection of people, animals, or things.
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Alternate Word Form

aggregate (adj. ,n. ,v.)

Aggregation In Fields of Study

When used in the studies of both biology and ecology, aggregation typically means a group of the same species living closely together, yet not as large or complex as a society.
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Latin Roots

grex, gregis
- "flock," "herd," "crowd"

Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a.) The stone wall on the outer edge of town was built by using an immense aggregation of limestone that is native only to a particular region.

b.) The aggregation of people stood before the front doors of the shop as the crowd awaited its opening.

c.) The boy ran to his jar and pulled out an aggregation of marbles as he placed the single, blue marble on the table.

d.) By the end of the day, the man had caught an aggregation of salmon as his recent count tallied 8.

The correct answer is letter C because a single marble is described as the aggregation which is incorrect because aggregation refers to a large group or collection. The boy would have had to pull out more marbles for it to have been an aggregation.