the greatest invention ever

The History Behind The Pen

The first pen ever recorded was made by L.E. Waterman in 1883. The main reason the pen was created was because people were tired of the led breaking.

Why pens are so useful

If we did not have pens we would always have to have a sharpener because the led constanly breaks. Some pens also provise a grip so your finger does not hurt when your writing for a long period of time.

examples of some pens are...


I wrote about pens and there background. My two fallacies were how the gel pen looks cool; and in the title were it says "The greatest invention ever". My authors purpose was to inform because I gave the first pen made and I listed three different types of pens and their pluses, I also put why pens are useful. For my expository text structure I used comparison when I compared pens to pencils. I also used description when I was giving some examples of pens.