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2015-2016 Instructional Technology Update


Setting Up Enrollment

Before your students can enroll in your Moodle page, you will need to set up enrollment keys and groups. The following video will help you set the enrollment keys and groups.

Moodle Enrollment Methods and Groups (no audio)

Resetting Your Course

If you didn't reset your Moodle (netSchool) course at the end of last school year, you will want to do that now, before your current students enroll.

New to Moodle

New courses are not automatically created for you; you will need to email your campus Instructional Technologist. Please be specific with the name of your course. Once your course is set up, this video should help you with the very basic beginning steps:


The New Moodle Template

The new Moodle template will provide consistency for students and parents as they navigate Moodle courses.

Moodle Template Guidelines and Resources

  • Step-by-step approach to setting up your course
  • Teacher Course Guidelines
  • Icon Repository (Must be logged into your NISD Google Account to view icons)
Introduction to Moodle Template

Importing the NISD Moodle Template

Teachers can import the template components into their existing Moodle pages. Instructions how to do this are provided in written format and a video tutorial.


If you see another educator's lesson planner in Forethought and you no longer want access to it:

If they work for the district, email them to request they will need to remove you. You may copy and paste this information in an email: Thank you for sharing your planner, but I no longer need viewing rights. Would you please log into Eduphoria-Forethought-Change My Settings (bottom left)-Share My Planner-Highlight my name-Remove Members. Thank you!!

If they do not work for the district, put in a Eduphoria helpdesk under the Eduphoria category.

If you are trying to share your team planner with a new employee and they do not show up when you search for their name:

They need to create their planner in Eduphoria Forethought before you can share your planner or a team planner with them. You may copy and paste this information in an email: I would like to share my Eduphoria planner with you, but before I can do that, you will need to create your own planner. Log into Eduphoria-Forethought. It will prompt you to create your personal planner. Here is a video that may help you.


If your courses or grade level changed, watch this video tutorial how to change your Forethought planner for the new year.

To create your lesson planner template, watch this video tutorial.

State Required Trainings

Each year, all staff members must complete a list of state required trainings. These courses are located in Eduphoria: https://eduphoria.nisdtx.org/wshop/default.aspx?cid=11465

The full list of required trainings was emailed from your campus principals. This video will show you how to register, navigate, and request credit.

NISD Technology Proficiencies

At Northwest ISD, we believe that technology enables us to extend our reach and become more effective, relevant, and connected educatiors. In order to ensure that our staff is prepared to thrive in this environment, we have two technology proficiencies in place.

Proficiency 1: This course will esablish a foundation of technology, expose you to tools that we have in NISD, and provide a brief overview of what to expect in our district. Upon completion of this course, you will have the foundation you need to complete Technology Integration Academy. This course is intended to take you approximately 2 hours and you have one year from date of hire to complete this.

http://moodle.nisdtx.org/course/view.php?id=10995 "fall15"

Proficiency 2: The Technology Integration Academy will provide opportunities for you to reflect on best practices through the use of technology. We strive to use technology as a tool that engages our learners at high cognitive levels. This course is designed to reflect that philosophy in every way. This course is paced over 10 weeks and most participants spend 1-2 hours each week. It is offered three times a year including the Fall, Spring, and Summer Cohort. You have three years from date of hire to complete this. If you are interested in participating in the Fall Cohort, enroll at

http://moodle.nisdtx.org/course/view.php?id=11958 The Fall Cohort will open for enrollment on September 1st.

Software Installation Update

Installing and updating software at the beginning of the school year is of the utmost importance. As you identify necessary software and updates, please proceed by putting in an Eduphoria Helpdesk. There is a specific section designated for softwarerequests. Please navigate to Helpdesk > Create a New Request > Software > Software Installation. After receiving your request, technology will facilitate the installation/update of the approved software.
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Support System

Instructional Technologist

Kelli Sanders, CTMS, Haslet, Peterson, Prairie View, Schluter, Seven Hills, ksanders@nisdtx.org
The role of Instructional Technologist is to increase student learning through technology. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Designing lessons that incorporate technology while supporting curriculum
  • Increasing teacher mobility and student engagement using mobile devices
  • Assisting in the creation and customization of Moodle courses
  • Co-teaching lessons
  • Brainstorming technology integration ideas
  • Providing district and campus training (digitally and face to face)
  • Providing Training and Support within PLCs, Department Meeting, and Staff Meetings.
  • Assisting campus leaders in modeling technology

Campus Technology Liaison (CTL)
Lisa Lundin, Technology Apps, llundin@nisdtx.org
Since Instructional Technology Coaches are not always on campus, you have an instructional leader that is able to help with your technology needs. They serve as model classrooms, help generate lesson ideas, assist with eSchool, and can provide training for you.

Librarian/Media Specialist
Pam Kemp, pkemp@nisdtx.org
Librarians in NISD are experts at using 21st century techniques and tools to conduct research. Pam is a great resource!

Gradebook Managers

6th Grade: Jill Harris, 7th Grade: Chris Farmer, 8th Grade: Kelly Thompson
If you have questions regarding eSchool, our grade book managers are your first point of contact.

Campus Webmaster
If you need help setting up your campus website, you can contact me or your CTL. However, if you need something added to the CTMS webpage, Lisa Lundin is your go to person.

Technicians on Campus, Dana Johnson and Deb Metting

Campus Tech Room D106, ext: 50609


Kelli Sanders

Instructional Technology