Boone Meadow Community Update

March 15, 2020

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BME Update 3/15/2020

E-Learning Days to begin on Monday, March 16th

No doubt, I believe everyone's head was spinning a little bit on Thursday afternoon. Since then, it appears the dust has settled a little bit as we frame our mindset around "social distancing" in the coming weeks. The times are surreal, but I'm thankful for being able to walk through this with some of the most amazing people on the planet. Our staff, our Boone Meadow families, the ZCS nation...we've got this. We can do this together!

It's amazing what happens in the matter of a few days. Over the past week, we "sprang forward", made it through a full moon & Friday the 13th, and now we settle in for new experiences in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All day Friday, our staff worked diligently to prepare for the coming days. Each day, they will come to you with video feeds, emails, conferences, engaging learning experiences for your child, and/or personalized learning opportunities like we've never experienced before. With our E-days, please note the following:

Access to E-Day Lessons from your child's teacher:

  • Canvas - Most students are very familiar with accessing and using Canvas, our LMS (learning management system). Teachers will provide guidance as needed and are able to respond to your inquiries throughout the day. As a staff, we are working each school day and are available to respond to your communications.
  • As a district, all Canvas modules for E-Days will be accessible no later than 9:00 AM each day. When our staff met on Friday, we understand that some families might benefit from a slightly earlier timeline. The BME teachers suggested and agreed that they would have lessons up by 10:00 PM the evening before. As a team, they wanted families/parents/guardians to have the opportunity to preview the evening before should they choose to do so, and/or get their "early risers" started with "school" by our regular 8:00 AM start time in the mornings.

Attendance for each day of school will be tracked based on completion of the E-Day. In other words, students are counted "present" for the day once assignments are completed. Otherwise, it does count as an absence from school. Our last scheduled E-Day is Friday, March 26th. All E-Day assignments are due on Friday, April 10th.

E-Learning days will occur:

  • Monday, March 16th - Friday, March 20th,
  • Monday, March 23rd - Thursday, March 26th.
  • Note: Friday, March 27th is the first day of Spring Break, and no E-Day lessons will occur.

Trouble with Working Online?

  • If you have trouble with accessing the content that your child's teacher has uploaded, please email him or her. They should be available to respond throughout the day. Please note that they will be supporting students and families throughout the classroom and conducting meetings, etc... Staff members will respond as soon as they are able.
  • If you have trouble with Canvas working properly for you, please scroll down to the bottom left corner of the Canvas page and click the HELP button (a question mark in the middle of a circle (?). Once you have done so, please complete a "help ticket" and describe your problem. Please be as detailed as possible, so that the tech department can assist you efficiently.
  • Also note that Canvas will be used more heavily nationwide than it ever has before. It is very possible that it may get bogged down at times. If this happens, take a break and try again later. If that doesn't work, complete a work order ticket as well.

Highlights from Dr. Robison's March 12th CoVID-19 School Closure Message

This situation is truly unprecedented for all of us. We thank you for your partnership and support as we implement this temporary online version of ZCS.

E-Learning: Our schools closed as of 6PM, March 12, in preparation for our upcoming E-learning structure. Our staff is ready for these upcoming learning days. E-learning will begin on Monday, 3/16, with e-learning assignments delivered electronically by 9:00AM. As students work through the lessons, professional staff will be at the ready to support them. All assignments will be released in Canvas, our learning management system.

If your family requires assistance in acquiring internet connectivity, please click here to request support.

Meal Assistance: If meal assistance is needed during this time of school closure, please contact Maggie Ioannacci at 317-873-2858, extension 11267.

ZCS Sports/Clubs/Teams: Public activity throughout our campuses is prohibited. During this shutdown, all school buildings and athletic campuses are closed.

Rentals, practices, games, performances, etc. are prohibited for all of ZCS at least until spring break ends on Friday, April 3rd.

We promised the CoVID-19 webpage in last Thursday’s parent update. It is ready and will be updated throughout the school closure. This webpage can be found by clicking here.

I will certainly keep our pattern of Thursday messages going. Messaging from principals and teachers will dot the landscape of the coming days as well. Though this school closure is a huge heavy lift for a great many families, these times are completely unprecedented. (We just heard that the State of Ohio closed all of its schools today for the same reason we did it here in Zionsville!

Our planning team was moved by a social media post we saw this afternoon by a Zionsville parent, Lauren Spillman, while apparently feeling a bit of trepidation about the closure. We know Lauren well as a former ZCS teacher, and I hope that on your street there is someone just like her leaning confidently into this school closure’s challenges and opportunities. Seek out your inner Lauren Spillman, and this will all be fine, if a little messy at times! “The teacher in me just has to say: The way we react to this homeschool news and begin to prepare will set the tone for your kids these coming weeks. The most planned day for a teacher is the first. Schedule, breakfast, dress code, breaks, expectations, and an end time are all in place. Take the time to plan your first day…in writing…with them if appropriate. Then stick to it. Revise Monday night if you need to. We got this, Mamas. Don’t let the kids know we’re scaredJ


Dr. Scott Robison, Superintendent of Schools

Counselor's Corner

Please see the attached resource for guidance on how to navigate conversations about the Coronavirus with children:


Kristi Sloan,

A Few More Tips to Support Learning At Home

Tips to Support Learning At Home

  • Set up a work space. This would be an area away from distractions that contains all the needed materials to complete school work.
  • If you have more than one child, consider scheduling times for them to work. Attempting to oversee multiple children simultaneously may be challenging. Consider creating a rotating schedule to provide children with individual support throughout the day. The child/children not receiving support could read, do a chore, or take a break.
  • Consider the appropriate amount of time for a child to work based on their age. For example, a 7-8 year old can be expected to stay focused on one activity for about 10 minutes. If your child is still working after the 10 minute time frame, great! Keep going. If not, let them stand up and stretch.
  • Don't expect your child to complete an entire day's work in one sitting. A typical school day naturally has many built-in breaks. Allow for children to stand up, walk around, exercise. You will find that many teachers will incorporate movement breaks or brain boosts into their lessons.
    • Children crave routine. Creating a routine for school days is crucial for a successful day. Work with your child to create a schedule that includes the time and the activity. Post it somewhere at home and work together to stick to it.
    • Stay positive! Children will take our lead. Patience, flexibility and a positive attitude will go a long way. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated or stressed, take a break. This is good for kids and grown ups alike.

    PTO Update:

    Scholastic Spring Book Fair:

    • Originally scheduled for the coming week, we are hopeful to reschedule our spring book fair upon our return to school. We will notify everyone once we receive confirmation moving forward.
    • The PTO is exploring the possibility of families being able to order online. More information to come.
    Boone Meadow Mixer Update:
    • At current, the Boone Meadow Mixer at Golf Club of Indiana is postponed.
    • Originally scheduled for this coming weekend, (Friday, March 20th) the PTO is hopeful to reschedule in April. PTO is in conversation with GCI to reschedule if possible. More information to come.
    • Please note: If you turned in donations or money for tickets to the school this past week, PTO members may not have had the opportunity to pick up items from the BME office prior to our closure on Thursday.

    Pacers Game:

    • As you are aware, NBA games are canceled at this time. Our PTO has been in contact with the Pacers Organization regarding refunds/rescheduling. We have no details in response as of yet.

    Kindergarten Round Up

    Dear Rising Kindergarten Families,

    Thank you for registering for Kindergarten Round-Up. We are excited to have your family join us next year. Our schools are currently closed through April 5th, so we will be rescheduling your round-up date. When schools re-open in April we will contact you with the new date and determine if your original time slot still works for you or if you need to change times. Thank you for your flexibility.

    Important Dates

    March 16 March 26th - E-Learning Days (All others ZCS activities canceled. All school campuses closed.)

    March 27-April 3 - Spring Break; All ZCS campuses closed.

    April 6 - Tentative date for return to school.

    4th grade to IMS/STEM trip 9:00-2:00, CogAT testing window???

    March 9 - ZWest music teachers to visit BME for 4th grade - 8:15-10:15

    April 13 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

    April 14 - Hussey Mayfield Library Presentations

    April 17 - 1st grade field trip to Rhythm Discovery Center

    April 20 - ILearn Testing Window begins (4/20-5/15)

    April 27 - 3rd grade music program (6:30-7:30)

    April 29 - 4th grade music program (6:30-7:30)

    May 1 - ILearn continues through May 15

    May 5 - BME Voices Concert at ZWest (7:00)

    May 6 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

    May 8 - 3rd grade Zionsville History Tour

    May 11 - 4th grade to Indiana State House (9:00-2:00)

    May 21 - 4th grade Celebration

    May 22 - Last Day of School

    Sycamore Street bridge project

    Please see the link below for the up-to-date information about the bridge closure.

    Texts from SchoolMessenger

    From time to time Boone Meadow uses SchoolMessenger to send a text to all of the families. If you haven't been receiving texts from us, you may need to opt-in by sending YES to the SchoolMessenger short code of 68453. Contact Beth Kiel in the front office if you have any questions

    Community Events See the link to learn more about local events:

    Volunteers and Visitor Background Checks


    We value partnerships with our families and welcome parents and guardians to serve as volunteers in our schools. Each ZCS building offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

    Examples include:

    • Field Trip Chaperones
    • Out of Town/Overnight Chaperones
    • Tutors
    • Volunteer Coaches
    • Classroom Helpers (PTO parties/room parents)
    • Library Helpers
    • After Prom Workers
    • Field Day/Jog-A-Thon Volunteers
    • Book Fair Sales/Athletic Ticket Sales

    During the school day, all volunteers are expected to sign in at the front office. Prior to the volunteer opportunity, all volunteers must sign a Non-disclosure Acknowledgement Form and have successfully completed a Full Criminal History Background Check. Necessary background check paperwork is available on the ZCS website at the Volunteers/BRAVO link and should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the intended volunteer date. Volunteers must also view the state mandated confidentiality/bullying video, provided on the Volunteer/BRAVO website. The volunteer will pay the fee* for the full background check which will expire after 5 years. The link to apply for the full background check can be accessed on the Volunteers/BRAVO link on the ZCS main webpage. For more information, contact the Volunteer/BRAVO Coordinator.


    During the school day, all visitors must enter via the front door and sign-in at the front office. Visitors need to be prepared to present a government issued photo ID which will be scanned against the National Sex Offender Registry. All visitors will be issued a visitor badge/tag to be worn inside the building at all times.

    Examples Include:

    • Lunch Guests
    • Classroom Guest Speakers
    • Classroom Special Events (Grandparent Day/Famous Hoosiers/etc.)
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences

    We ask that all visitors schedule an appointment to meet with teachers, counselors, administrators and all other staff members so that we may best serve everyone. Visitors other than parents/guardians must be prearranged and organized through the main office.

    *ZCS thanks all volunteers for generous support of our youth and schools. Thank you, too, for supporting assurance of student and staff safety by completing and paying for a volunteer background check.

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