Marriage for All?

Jennifer Gonzalez Feb. 23, 2015


Now is the time when you can know if same sex marriage is protected by the constitution. It's a political contraversy some courts say yes and some courts disagree. At the beginning only 17 states approved same sex marriage and they were okay with it. But now everything changed rapidly. Because now it's legal in 36 out of 50 states. That's 70% Americans that live on the places where same sex marriage was approved. This is rare, of how fast this is happening all over our country. People that are forward this they consider it as a civil rights issue. Their appoints just think of it as if they are changing a sort of religion that's been passed down through many years and to them that's just not right nor impossible. There are three groups if people, the b ones who approve of it, the ones who refuse and the ones where voters have bard this issue. The Supreme Court has given them a little bit of hope towards the ones who approve of the same sex marriage issue the United States v. Windsor, the marriage act where the federal government gave benefits to them like tax breaks to same sex couples. But like always there is another contraversy. People want to vote for them selves instead of judges in some states. But some say that this is harming their children so either way it's supposedly harming someone. There is always that one person who doesn't approve of something. Most Americans are forward this, it's mostly between 18-29, 80%of them. It's not only between normal people it's also in TV shows, they have same sex couples. Athletes are coming out and saying that they are gay. Even the president. President Obama said that he supports it. It's slowly spreading but there are still arguing about this situation, but time will tell.
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