Jaxon Sopp

My personality

My Animal

My animal is the wild cat. The wild cat is known to have Exceptional personal hygiene, it is a hall mark of the wild cat personality. With the wild cat when someone wrongs it, they make it their business to get even. Wild cats display superb patience, a wild cat will even wait for years for the right move. When it comes to striking at someone they go all full force.

My color

I have the color blue. Blue is known for getting along with anyone and fixing anything that is wrong. Blue is a strong emotinal color showing that you like kindness over conflict. Blue never battle each other but when conflict appears we never stop until its fixed. I know this is me because I always work with others and I know I will do anything to have everyone work together. Blues are a group color, we always work better with a positive group. I know I will do whatever I can in a group to make us all get along to finish our work.

Hobbies and Careers

My favorite hobbie is guitar. Some careers I was recomended for are being an Explorer or traveling witch I think I would actually do. Another one is Reasearcher witch is something I wouldnt do. Last one is a writer or a messagenger witch is a no. My personal career I would honestly want to do is firefighting though.

My strengths

There are 5 words that i have that describe me. Deep and thoughtful meaning I will listen and think before I speak. Musical guitar is my favorite hobbie. self sacrificing I put myself first in front of anyone. needs to finish what he started. can solve others' problems, I will do anything so solve conflict to continue on.

My Influence

What I have found out with these tests is that I am one of the friendly nice types. I get along with anyone easily and I can hold my own weight and help people with anything they need. I avoid conflicts and will do anything to stop a conflict from happening. One of the blue lines for a test is "Together we can do more" means that I am stronger in a group than working alone which is true to me. I can help anyway that is needed to in group because I can handle situations and fix the bad that happens quickly.