Roll Film

roll your moles into a hole hearted film

Abe lincoln is on a roll and your a mole going in the wrong hole!

Our role film was just invented this year 1883. You dont want to miss out on the film everyone is getting to take pictures. You dont want to be the only one still not saving pictures.

Peter Houston and George Eastman are the crazy inventors behind these roll films. Created in Cambria, Wisconsin, be like Wisconsin and get your film TODAY!

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We have a variety of roll films just for you. Abe has already got his today, he says "Wow this roll film is a life saver"!

Roll Film is used for taking pictures today. In the 1800's they watched movies off of Roll Films and aso like today, took pictures. Pictures and movies were black and white until another inventor came along and made colored ink. Roll Film was used alot and still is!

Roll Film made capturing moments for families and friends easy. Put the film in and snap away. What would we do without Peter Houston and George Eastman? No pictures? Correct, we probabaly wouldnt even have our phones take pictures the way they do. They changed history and our lives today. We can jsut go to the store and turn in film and they will print out or pictures. Next time you do that, thank Peter and George.

I chose to use bandwagon and testimonial because that way people feel obligated to buy Roll Film. Bandwagoning creates the idea that there the only person that doesnt have the item. If you think about it when you ask your parents for something do you say "but everyone has it"? Thats bandwagoning. I aso used tesimonial with Abe Lincoln because he was a huge character in the 1800's. He freed slaves and was a presdient. People looked up to Abe as a hero, and same today. leaving customers thinking even Abe has Roll Film, I have to get some!