Walt Disney

creater of disney land and all the fairy tale stories

Walter as a child

He was born in Chicago, Illinos on December 5,1901. His father was a very religious man who offten physically abused his child. When Walter was born his father was wroking as a building contractor, after that his father left that job and moved to a farm. When things did not work out on the farm they moved again and again. A while later he went back to Kansas and started working as a comercial ilistrator and later made crude animated cartoons.Then in 1914 he opened his own shop.

Walter suceeding in his young life

Walter then started working with his brother named Roy. After a while they went to Hollywood, California in 1923. In partner ship with his brother he began prouducing Oswald the rabbit for universal studios. After a contract it led to the end of this work , Disney and his brother Roy decided to work on their own cartoons. There first cartoon was Steamboat Willie which was the first all sound cartoon. It also featured the voice of a charecter first called Mortimer mouse. Disneys wife Lillian suggested that mickey sounded better. and Disney agreeede with it . After a while Disney started making more charecters and cartoons and thats when he started suceeding and started becoming the most famous person for making animated cartoons.

Walter suceeding little by little

Walter when he died

Walter died in December 15, 1965 at 9:35 a.m. was attributed to acute circulatory collapse.He had a under gone surgery at the hospital a month ago for a removal of a lung tumer that was discovered after he entered the hospital for treatment of an old neck injury recived ina polo match.That vday was sad for eveyone especially his wife and brother Roy.