Meal Planning 101 with Clair Boone

Save money and eat deliciously!

Learn how to shop and save money by planning your meals in advance.

Ever get that 4 pm "what's for dinner feeling?

As a mom and self-confessed busy chef, Clair Boone teaches you how to meal plan to save money, great recipes to use, and freezing tips.

This program is presented as part of the annual MoneySmart Week, where participants learn financial literacy and better personal money management skills.

Meal Planning 101 with Clair Boone

Tuesday, April 8th, 6-7pm

660 Manistee Ave

Calumet City

For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite at

About Clair Boone

British Mum of two Clair Boone is a frugal living blogger who teaches you how to meal plan, craft with kids, create homemade gifts, make your own cleaners and dish up crock pot meals….all while balancing two rambunctious boys. A website for moms by a Mum who knows the challenges of deal hunting with kids! She has recently made appearances on Fox News Chicago.
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