Merry Christmas!

Ramsay Family 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I missed writing a letter last year, and I am blaming it on my heart attack. If you didn’t know, an artery tore in my heart last September and caused a very large emergency which led to a helicopter ride, double bypass, and a community taking complete care of my family while I sat in a recliner for way too long with a heart pillow. I am back to my spicy self with a very real understanding of how precious life is, which brings me to the purpose of this Christmas letter.

First, let me express my gratefulness to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with a husband that loves the Lord and our family above all else. Trust me. I am not easy. But, Michael endures with patience and humor. Of course, I am worth it, but that is completely another topic.

Next, give me a moment to tell you about my Gabriel (Gabe to everyone else). He has grown into a young man of faith and stature. His gentle, steadfast spirit humbles us and gives us endless reasons to delight in the Lord. Even though he is 18 and a junior in high school, I still see that skinny six year old boy dressed in a horrible blue outfit with toes doubled over in shoes too small that stared at me with uncertainty as a translator explained to him that Michael and I were his new parents. He is evidence to never doubt Jeremiah 29:11.

Moreover, eight years ago Michael and I can both assure you that we had no idea how three little boys would turn our house into one ball bouncing, weapon darting, noise making zoo. As crazy as it is, it is brutaful (brutal and beautiful). Make no mistake. Parenting is the most difficult undertaking of Michael’s and my life, but it is also the greatest privilege. Here are some snapshots of those joys....

The Ramsay Boys...

Our crazy, wonderful life

From our dynasty to yours...