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Enjoying The Old And New At Lloret De Mar

One of the best holiday spots in Costa Brava is the Lloret de Mar which is in the province of Girona. There are many beautiful landscapes around Lloret de Mar which draw tourists to this area like bees to honey during the summer. The long stretch of beach at Costa Brava brings on more excitement for a fantastic holiday in sunny Spain at Lloret de Mar.

Ancient beauties
Lloret de Mar at Costa Brava is beautiful with its rich natural offerings of landscapes and historical sites. There are many exotic bays in Lloret with pine forests that stand majestically along the coast. The rocky coastline adds on to the awesome and intimidating natural beauty of this place.

These beautiful bays stretch over 7 kilometers with luxurious holiday resorts conveniently located for holidaymakers. The ancient quaint fishing villages make a most educational and impressive visit at Costa Brava. The whitewashed houses at these villages stand out serenely and pictorially against the rich blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most scenic sights in the region to attract holidaymakers who want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.This scenic region attracted a host of talented artists that includes the likes of Marc Chagall, Picasso and Salvador Dali who developed many masterpieces that thrilled the world.

Modern offerings
Today, Lloret de Mar offers the best of holiday facilities and amenities to pamper every guest that steps on its shores. There is no lack of luxury hotels and holiday resorts with the best of leisure facilities and holiday amenities to satisfy holidaymakers and vacationers from across the world.

Nevertheless, Lloret de Mar is well maintained to be unfazed by the tourism that puts it on world map today. There may be only 16,000 inhabitants at Lloret but the number swells ten times during the summer. Hence, it is not surprising to note 250 hotels and 600 bars with 150 restaurants and 50 discotheques in this region to accommodate the holidaymakers of all ages and from all walks of life.

Holidaymakers at Lloret de Mar would not have any opportunity to be bored with the myriad of entertainment available. The sunny climate allows holidaymakers to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean Sea with the slew of water activities encouraged by the myriad of facilities and modern amenities while the nights are whiled away at pubs, bars and discotheques in the cool of the night till the wee mornings.

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