Cabeza de Vaca

by Colten Walker

Cabeza de Vaca D.B.Q. Essay

Have you ever heard of a Spanish explorer named Cabeza de Vaca? He was a conquistador. He faced many dangers on his travels. He faced armed strangers and did not perish.It is amazing that he made it out alive. How did the Head of Cow get though his journey across Texas and Mexico from 1528 to 1536? Cabeza de Vaca survived because he had great respect for the Native Americans,he was a successful healer and he was able to survive in the wilderness.

Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca survived because he had respect for the Native Americans. The head of Cow showed respect for the Indians and in return, they helped Cabeza find a spanish settlment.(Document D) Cabeza learned about six languages along with sign language in order to communicate with native tribes.(Document B) This helped Cabeza de Vaca survive because the indians protected him. As you can see this famous explorer had great respect for the Native Americans.

Without a doubt Cabeza de Vaca had great survival wilderness skills. With his awsome skills Cabeza de Vaca crossed the Rio Grand with little food nor water.(Document A) Alvar Nunez traveled on foot around the Sierra Madre Mountains in order to find a spanish settlment.(Document A) With his skills (like being able to hunt) Cabeza ate whatever he could find. (Document B) All of this helped him to survived because without this he would perish. To sum it up Head of Cow had great survival skills.

You'll soon discover that Cabeza de Vaca was a successful healer. For example, he removed a arrow located above an Indian's heart!(Document C) After that his reputation grew and people treated him like a god!(Document C) The Indians that held him captive thought he was a great healer after the operation.(Document C) This helped him survive because the Natives would stop attacking him. All in all Cabeza was a very successful healer.

In my opinion Alvar Nunez was a great healer, had awsome wilderness skills, and respect for the Native Americans. How did Head of Cow get through his trek across Texas and Mexico from 1528 to 1536? Alvar Nunez survived because he had wilderness skills, respect for the Native Americans, and he was a successful healer. Most importantly Cabeza de Vaca will be remembered forever.