Black Bears

Describe the animal

  • Smallest of the three bears

  • Only found in North America

  • There short

  • Non Retractable claws

  • Height 2-3 feet

  • Males an average of 150-300lbs. Females are smaller

  • Large males are known to weigh 500-600lbs.

  • Carnivores

  • Lest carnivorous of the carnivores

How was is born? How does the mother care for its young?

  • Female black bears give live birth

  • two out of three are blind

  • they nurse them in mid winter in a den until spring

  • the cubs will stay with the mother for about two years

How does it get food? What does it eat?

  • Bears eat many things

  • Spring:High protein lush green vegetation

  • Summer:Berries, grapes and Cherries and also protein- rich insects and maybe small animals

  • Autumn: Different types of nuts and acorns

  • And they eat many more things depending on the weather and if its available

Where does it live, and what are some of its habits?

  • Only Found in North America, but they're starting to spread

  • They have many food habits. They change what they eat when the weather changes

Who are it’s enemies, and how does it defend itself?

  • Black bear have no predators in wildlife other than black bears themselves

  • They use their claws and make sounds to scare away predators