Barton Hills Bulletin

Week of April 27 - May 1

From Kati

Phew. Thanks for all your help this week. STAAR testing is a whole campus event!

Now onto the next campus wide event......TEACHER/PARENT Talent Show! Mark your calendars now for Thursday, May 21st. It's going to be hard to top the finale from last year, but we're going to "bobble" our way through :). If you have an idea and a willingness to perform an act, please let me know. We are going to need a variety! I'm formulating a plan (oh boy) for an all-staff lip-sync video to show at the end of the student talent show. More to come on that :).

Updates and Reminders

  • Our financial audit went well. There was only one area that needs to be addressed and that has to do with the timeliness of account sponsors turning in funds collected. Here's an easy way to remember: "Collect today, Turn in today." Whatever funds you collect on one day, you must turn in the same day. So, you ask, what happens if Rosalinda is not on campus?? You will turn the collected funds into me. I will secure them until Rosalinda can count them and receipt.

This Weeks Events

Tso- Morning Duty


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 7:45 Assembly
  • 6:30 PTA Executive Board Budget Planning meeting


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • ARD/504/eCST Day


  • "C" Day for Special Areas
  • 10:00 - 12:00 2nd Grade to Umlauf (Onak/Rich)


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 9:00 3rd Grade to LBJ Wildflower Center
  • 3:00 Cadres


  • "B Day for Special Areas
  • 10:00 - 12:00 2nd Grade to Umaluf (Pursley/Bartlett)

Upcoming Events

May 4 - 8

School Health Team appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6

Kinder to Crowe's Nest Farm

BUGz Dress Rehearsal

May 7

Laura's Birthday

8:30 BUGz for School

9:30 Kindergarten Orientation

3:00 Faculty Meeting

6:30 BUGz show

May 8

PTA Teacher Luncheon

May 11

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

9:00 Harp Performance for K-3

May 12

4th Grade to San Antonio

5th STAAR Reading retake

May 13

Terry's Birthday

May 14

5th Grade to Houston Zoo

9:30 Third grade to Austin Zoo

3:00 CAC meeting

May 15

3:00 ish 5th Grade Returns

May 16

Color Run (Running Club)

UIL for 4th & 5th

May 18

Tapestry Dance Cultural Arts program: 9:00 K-2: 10;00 3-6

May 20

Student Talent Show (daytime)

May 21

6:30 Parent/Teacher Talent Show

May 22

Debbie's Birthday

Book Buddy Breakfast

May 25

Stacy's Birthday

May 26

Allyn's Birthday

May 27

Student Placement meetings (for 15-16) during planning

May 28

Faculty meeting

June 3

9:30 5th Grade Awards Assembly


Last Student Day

9;00 6th Grade Celebration

10:00 ish Celebration Walk

June 5

Last Teacher Day

8:30 Breakfast

June 12- August 14

Construction Window