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Week of March 1, 2021 (K-5 Students Return!)

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A Message From The Principal

Dear Henry Families,

We are SO excited to see you on Monday. Here are a few SUPER IMPORTANT reminders that need to be followed:

1. Complete the health screener BEFORE you arrive at school. This MUST be done EVERY morning before you can enter the building.

2. If you have a device at home that is from Henry you MUST bring it with you. Don't forget your charger, too!!!

3. Line up outside on the black top behind the Main Building. You'll see your homeroom number on the ground and dots to stand on to help keep you properly distanced. Don't arrive too early because you can't enter the Main Building until 8:15am.

4. INDOOR ARRIVAL: If it is raining you will enter through the auditorium and wait for the bell. Grades K-2 will wait in the cafeteria and grades PreK will wait in their classrooms.

5. Students are dismissed at 3:15pm. Please be prompt when picking your students up.

That's it for now :) We can't wait to see you on Monday. Get a good night's rest this weekend and be ready for a great rest of the school year!

Hola, estudiantes y familias de Henry,

Estamos MUY emocionados de verte el lunes. Aquí hay algunos recordatorios SÚPER IMPORTANTES que deben seguirse:

1. Complete el examen de salud ANTES de llegar a la escuela. Esto DEBE hacerse TODAS las mañanas antes de que pueda ingresar al edificio.

2. Si tiene un dispositivo en casa que es de Henry, DEBE traerlo con usted. ¡No olvides tu cargador también!

3. Alinee afuera en la parte superior negra detrás del edificio principal. Verá su número de salón en el suelo y puntos sobre los que pararse para ayudarlo a mantenerse adecuadamente distanciado. No llegue demasiado temprano porque no puede ingresar al edificio principal hasta las 8:15 am.

4. LLEGADA A INTERIOR: Si está lloviendo entrará por el auditorio y esperará el timbre. Los grados K-2 esperarán en la cafetería y los grados PreK esperarán en sus salones de clases.

5. Los estudiantes salen a las 3:15 pm. Por favor sea puntual al recoger a sus estudiantes.

Eso es todo por ahora :) No podemos esperar a verte el lunes. ¡Descanse bien este fin de semana y prepárese para un gran resto del año escolar!

We encourage you to review the Reopening Videos. We will link the videos below.

Please feel free to email us with any clarifications needed.

Excited to see everyone next week!

Juan Gutierrez, Principal


Mary Ann Reynolds, Assistant Principal


Lora Abraham, Assistant Principal


What's New?

CPS Health Screener Information (same information as last week)

Important Hybrid/In-Person Reminders (same information as last week)

Reopening Videos (seen in previous Henry Hawk News)

Henry Hawk Weekly Update (New)

Counselor's Corner (New)

CPS Health Screener Information

Health Screener: Now is the time to set up a new morning schedule that includes completing the health screener by 8 am each morning your child is scheduled to enter the building. We all need to answer the screener truthfully to help keep students, staff, and families safe.

Below are ways that you can access the Health Screener.

  • Option 1: Click the button "CPS Health Screener". This will take you to the direct link.
  • Option 2: Log into Parent Portal to receive your child's personalized Health Screener Link via text message (See directions in the diagram below.)

CPS Health Screener

Daily Health Screenings Chicago Public Schools is requiring all students, employees, and visitors to complete a daily COVID-19 health screener prior to arriving at any CPS school or facility. Must be completed daily when students return.

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Important Hybrid/In-Person Reminders

Travel Reminder:

We want to remind families who are planning to return in-person of CPS' policy on travel. If you travel internationally or to a state with widespread COVID transmission as indicated in the Chicago Emergency Travel Order you are required to quarantine for 10 days and your student will fail the health screener, which will deny entry to the building. We appreciate every family's commitment to these guidelines to keep our learning community safe.


Please make sure to wear a mask every day that you are on Henry School grounds. This includes students, staff, and family members. This week is a great time to begin increasing the amount of time each student wears their mask. We also ask that students returning bring an extra mask just in case. We will have extra masks at school as well. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Reopening Videos: Please View In Preparation for Return

Henry School Safety Protocols
Health Screener and Care Room
Attendance, Arrival, Dismissal
Classroom, Restroom, Lunch & Recess

Henry Hawk Weekly Update

Each week we send out our Henry Hawk Weekly Update to our students. Check out the one from the week of February 22nd with Ms. Gasser.
Henry Hawk Weekly Update Week of 2/22/21

Counselor's Corner

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Hello Everyone,

Next week and the following week are big weeks for many of you and your students. A lot of our students are transitioning back to school and this is a big change as they have been remote learning for almost a year. Here are some tips to help your students if they are returning back to school:

· Establish a Routine: Students thrive when they have a routine and they will be starting a new schedule next week. Create a visual calendar for students so they know which days they will be at school and which days they will be at home. Also, start practice going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Start talking about these changes before the first day of school if possible. Make sure you also have a morning routine like getting dressed, brushing teeth, getting your mask, and packing your backpack.

· Practice, Practice, Practice: Have your student practice wearing a mask before they go back to school and practice having them wash their hands thoroughly.

· Safety in Classroom: Talk to your student about the safety measures that are in place at school now, like desk dividers, keeping their distance, and following the arrows. Make sure to complete the health screener every morning too and take your child’s temperature before school.

· Manage Your Child’s Anxiety: The return to school can bring up feelings of anxiety for your child. They might be scared about going to school, being around other people, or just leaving the house. Be aware of signs of anxiety like: S decline in academic performance; change in eating habits; the inability to fall asleep until very late at night, and then the struggle to wake up; excessive feelings of guilt and restlessness; avoiding friends; and a change in mood such as irritability, tantrums, or emotional outbursts. Stomach aches, nausea, headaches, and obsessive behaviors such as perfectionism when performing tasks can also indicate that your child is struggling. Here’s how you can help them cope:

· Help your child identify their worries and fears, and then provide child-friendly, fact-based information to address those issues

· Reassure your child that their teachers and parents will be there to help

· Encourage your child to take “coping breaks” when they feel anxious, such as deep breathing, doodling for a few minutes, counting to a certain number, imagining a favorite place, or repeating coping statements such as, “It’s normal to be nervous, but I’m OK, and I’ll make it through the day”

· Encourage your child to tell you about how their worries affected them at school, and seek out extra help from a school counselor or teacher if needed.

There are other great resources, including checklists, on the CDC’s website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/parent-checklist.html#:~:text=Talk%20with%20your%20child%20about,changes%20in%20your%20child.

Remember: the Henry staff is always here for your student, yourself, and your family. We want to help make this transition successful and safe, so please reach out to myself or someone else at Henry if you need anything!

As a reminder, I want to make sure this information is meeting your needs, so please complete this survey as soon as you can:


If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The best way to reach me is by email: mgarfinkel@cps.edu

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Garfinkel

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Patrick Henry School

Stay Well,

Mr. Gutierrez, Ms. Reynolds, and Mrs. Abraham