Why You Should Visit Wyoming

Why should you visit Wyoming?

Some of the reasons you should visit Wyoming are...

Wyoming is the home of some of the greatest parks in the U.S. Some of those parks are Yellow Stone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. In Yellow Stone National Park you can find rare animals you probably have never seen like bears. Also in Yellow Stone National Park you can see Old Faithful erupt.

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What are some plants and animals you can see in Wyoming?

Wyoming is home to over 2200 different types of plants. Also Wyoming has four national wildlife preserves, nine national forests and two national parks. The state tree of Wyoming is the cottonwood. The state flower is the Indian Paintbursh. Wyoming has more pronghorns and antelopes than people in it's state. It has more pronhorns and antelopes than any other state.
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Why visit Wyoming rather than Hawaii

Hawaii may have it's beautiful beaches and coral reefs but it doesn't have the wildlife Wyoming does. You can swim and make sand castles at Hawaii but you can't see the beautiful wildlife in Wyoming. You can't see Old Faithful erupt or the Indain paintbrushes. No pronghorns or antelopes or bears. No cottonwood trees. No wild wilderness.

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