Michigan Science Standards:

integrating the 3 dimensions

A series of four sessions

Presented by Jenny VanDaele, LISD Science Consultant

Each of the 4 sessions build on the previous one. You may register for just one or some of the sessions, but for the best learning experience it is recommended you participate in all four.

Session Descriptions

  • Session 1 begins by taking apart Michigan's Science Standards and exploring its structure. Participants will engage in a model activity and reflect on the way that the 3 dimensions of the standards are used within the activity.
  • Session 2 digs deeper into the practices of the Michigan Science Standards. The spheres of science and engineering activity will be explored before delving into a model engineering design activity.
  • Session 3 begins with a look at the conceptual shifts of the new science standards. Participants will have time to do a self reflection before exploring how a model activity demonstrates the nature of science.
  • Session 4 brings everything together as participants analyze case studies to see how the three dimensions come together within science instruction. Participants will move on to their own science work and look at ways to bring the dimensions into their science instruction.

Scheduled two ways to best fit your calendar!


Please contact Kathy Campbell at the LISD Professional Development Center if you have questions.
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