What are GMOs?

GMOs are made when scientists change the genetics of a plant or animal.

  • Change genetics for a certain trait
  • GMO stands for genetically modified organism
  • GMOs can make you allergic to foods

GMO's impact on health

GMOs can be very harmful to your health:
  • Allergies
GMO soy contain extra amounts of allergens and studies show that GMOs can make you allergic to other foods!
  • Pollution due to herbicides
GMOs are often made to be able to tolerate herbicides, and these herbicides can cause pollution.
  • kills pollinators
GMOs often have built in pesticides, and this can kill pollinator insects, and pollinators help feed a lot of the world.
  • linked to brain disorders

GMO's impact on animals

GMOs impact animals in a variety of ways, and then we harvest the animals to eat, which also impacts the community

Bob knows that animals can be GMO too and they are not good

  • makes animals sick
Bob knows that GMOs make animals sick, so why use them

Sick animals cannot be sold

  • force fed?
Bob knew that before it was banned in most countries, animals were force fed with a tube down their throat

Some countries still allow it

  • possibly safe
Some studies show that it actually is safe, though bob isn't risking anything

GMO's impact on the environment

GMOs impact the environment, negatively, in a variety of ways.

  • Non-target insects can be killed by pesticides
  • GMOs make bacteria evolve resistance
  • Leaked in the wild
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There are solutions to the problems that GMOs make, if we work as a whole.

  • Stop GMOs altogheter
  • Rotate between pesticides to stop bacteria resistance
  • Stop GMOs from getting into the wild