Voting Rights For Women!

By: Logan Clonce

Women Earn their right to vote!

After decades of effort by the suffrage movement, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920. Women protested and stormed the streets putting their lives on the line to ear what the deserve, the right to vote. Women would protest almost anywhere they could their streets in front of offices and in front of government buildings. Women came together and had to overcome the powers held by men. They had to overcome laws and sometimes would sit in jail just for trying to earn what they deserved as a U.S. citizen, the right to vote. In 1920 after all their fighting and protesting the 19th amendment was passed which states, " Voting shall not be denied an account of sex." Middle class women really kicked things off for all women. They were getting jobs easier because the men were gone for war and women were cheaper than men to hire. Women also started taking the roles of men. They stepped up when the men were gone and this is what really kicked off women's movement in history. Whether it was in acting, shops, and factories women were making a difference and helping the economy and our country.