Candidacy Statement: Hadrian

Defense is the best offense

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Hello and my name is Hadrian and I am running for my second term to rule the mighty city of beautiful Rome. I believe I am the best candidate because I am more focused on the protection of the people than expansion.

Areas of excellence

My area of excellence is defense. One of my motto has always been defense is the best offense. That is why I decided to build Hadrian's wall. The wall protects from foreign invaders. If you vote for me you and your family will be certain your lives are in excellent hands. I am also a great administrator and public speaker. If one of our enemies were to get angry, I would be able to work out the problem with that city and keep us out of trouble.


The impact of my work has created a very safe environment for the mighty citizens of Rome. Since the wall, our protection has increased 10 fold. I believe the wall has brought the protection back to Rome. We have become less vulnerable to attacks by foreign invaders because of our internal defense. When our defense is strengthened, we are able to go on long conquests knowing our state at Rome is in peace.

Core values

My core values are pretty straight forward. I am for education. I believe our economy will prosper in the future if our children know how to read and write. Even the slaves. I myself am a very well-educated person so I know that it is very important to be educated. I am also a person of the arts. I believe if our citizens start to sing and draw it will bring us closer together. Cultural division will be restored in our beautiful city of Rome.

My vision

My vision for the empire is that we will become so strong defense- wise, we will be less prone to attacks, become stable from the inside and soon we will be able to go on successful conquests where we know that back home our state is in peace and strong.