Neolithic Revolution

By:Ramiro Noriega

Why,Where & When

I will tell you about Why, Where and When the Neolithic Revolution happened. First of all, the major change that occurred in the Neolithic Revolution is when humans shifted away from living as hunter gatherers and began farming. They lived nomadic like they moved from place to place following the animals as they collected food. Farming happened several thousand years. Archaeologists thought that women were the first people to discover farming because meanwhile the men where hunting for food the women stayed and saw a pattern between the plants.People learned that fertilizers like pig manure helped the crops grow. The first settlement happened in about 14-11,000 years ago. The connection between farming and a civilization is that since farming happened people didn't have to worry about food and water. Some other places that people began to settle down and build civilization are China, India, Egypt,Peru and Mexico. The fertile crescent allowed people to settle down because they found many natural resources like water,animals,plants, and rich soil. Those are some facts about why, where and when the Neolithic Revolution happened.

The First Crops

Well now I'm going to talk about how and who started farming.First of all, what happened at first is that as people traveled they ate by gathering food from wild plants.But then the reason that people settled in one place because they learned how to cultivate.If they didn't learn how to cultivate then when the resources ran out the people had to move to a new location. What caused people to find new ways to produce food is that they were running out of food to feed everyone. Two innovations that helped them grow plants are that they used fertilizers and farming tools. One type of fertilizer is pig manure and cow manure. People stored their crops by using pits(big whole in the ground) and buildings for crops storage. Three areas of the world where farming developed is in the Middle East ,China, and America.In the middle east they grew figs,lintels , and rye. In India and the middle east they grew barley and wheat. China grew millet and rice. In America they grew corn,beans and squash. Those are some facts about the first crops.

The First Farm Animals

Have you ever wondered what animals were domesticated and why they were. Well first of all,the first animal to be domesticated by humans were dogs. The dogs were descendants of wolves. Also instead of us following the animals we made the animals to follow us and keep them close to human settlement. The big animals were also domesticated so they can do work that is hard for early humans. Also we domesticated big animals because the animals work faster and for longer periods of time. Since fewer people were needed in the farms they could find new jobs. They also domesticated goats and sheep's because their size, their wool ,hides, and manure. An disease is a problem with domesticating because it spread to the humans for example the flu.It also enabled the amount of food that they could grow.The beast of burden means that they used big animals to do work that for early humans was hard for.It was about 10,000 years ago when people started to domesticate farm animals. Those are some animals that were domesticated and why they were.
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