Be a Responsible Cat Owner

By Coach Popa

Thousands of stray cats end up on our streets each year. Most are hungry, cold, and homeless. Take care of your feline and get it neutered or spayed. Prevent overpopulation of cats.

Why this is a serious problem

Overpopulation of cats is common in urban or rural areas as a result of humans' lack of responsibility to care for their cats. Some misguided individuals who keep a high number of cats think they are being humane but are creating a breeding ground of disease for the community. There are humane ways to reduce the overpopulation situation.

Possible solutions include a trap-neuter-release program as a humane alternative to euthanizing. A low cost cat care program for low income families offers an exam, sterilization, rabies shots, and county tags for as little as $10. This would curb the number of animals who are brought into shelter. Happy Paws Cat Clinic keeps the cost low for all families, but we rely on donations to keep us operational.


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