Talley Street Update

January 11, 2021

An Update from the Principal

Dear Talley Street Community,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This afternoon, you should have received an email/robocall via Infinite Campus with your selection from the learning choice survey that was sent out prior to winter break for your child that attends Talley Street. Due to the large number of families requesting to return in-person, only students whose families made this choice will return on the 19th. Students whose families chose “return to in-person flex” will return to the building when there are openings or the district increases the maximum class size for in-person learning.

By tomorrow morning, Talley’s teachers will receive their new rosters. On Wednesday, families can expect a welcome email from the teachers. Additional information will be forthcoming. Thank you so much for your patience as we have worked through this process.


Titan Episode 1

CSD Updates

Recent District Communication

On Monday, January 4, you should have received this communication from CSD. Please read it over carefully so you are aware of the details regarding our next transition, to begin to bring students back to face to face learning.

CSD Transportation

An email asking parents to register their child to ride the bus went out to all parents of in-person students who were qualified to ride based on the home to school distance. For those who received this email, please complete that form by the end of the day Monday, January 11.

CSD Nutrition

Welcome to 2021 CSD! Please don't forget to place your pre-order for NEXT week's meals using this link: https://forms.gle/erhEyRZmomc4Rjxa8

Please note:

  • Our last day of bus meal delivery will be next week on Friday 1/15/21. We will send extra food home on Friday 1/15 to cover the need for meals on Tuesday 1/19. We would like to thank CSD Transportation for their assistance in feeding #OurKids this past fall.
  • For this week: Meal pick-ups will be offered at our 3 CSD TakeOutSpot locations (DHS, Talley St., & F.AVE) on Monday 1/11, Wednesday 1/13, and Friday 1/15. Bus delivery will occur on those same 3 days (MWF). The time frame will remain 10:30 AM -12:30 PM.


  • We will no longer be using our pre-order system starting on Monday, January 19 so this week will be the last week for pre-orders for meals. As K-5 students return in-person instruction, we will continue to offer meal pick-ups for our virtual learners at our three CSD TakeOutSpot locations (DHS, Talley St., & F.AVE) on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 10:30 AM-12:30 pm. Students who are learning in our CSD buildings will be offered daily take-home meals as they exit their school. We encourage all students to take their meals, as it helps support our school nutrition program.
  • All meals will be FREE until the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Please check out our CSD webpage (https://www.csdecatur.net/nutrition) and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CSDschoolnutrition) as we continue to finalize our plans for January 19th and on.

Run with the Dogs Virtual 5K on January 23-31, 2021

Run With The Dogs 5K race will take place virtually from January 23-31, 2021. The 5K is an annual fundraiser of the Decatur Bulldogs Boosters, which supports the athletic programs at Decatur High School and Renfroe Middle School in Decatur, GA. You can register at http://www.rwtd5k.com. Runners who register by January 11 will receive their race t-shirt by January 23 and be entered into a special prize drawing. The Decatur Bulldog Boosters raise money annually to meet the needs of student athletes, including uniforms and equipment. These funds are used to support 685 student athletes on all 25 teams representing 14 sports at Decatur High and Renfroe Middle Schools. Decatur Bulldog Boosters needs your support now more than ever. We need as many RWTD5K participants as possible! http://www.rwtd5k.com

Talley Updates

iReady Begins This Week!

Dear Talley Families,

As you know, we are using a reading and mathematics program called i-Ready. It is time for our second round of i-Ready Diagnostic tests. Please read below for more information. The diagnostic tests will begin next week.

What is i-Ready?

i-Ready is an online program that will help us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth, personalize their learning, and monitor their progress throughout the school year. i-Ready allows us to meet your child where they are and provides us with data to inform instruction.

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment that adjusts its questions to suit your child’s needs. Each item a student receives is based on their answer to the previous question. For example, a series of correct answers will result in slightly harder questions, while a series of incorrect answers will yield slightly easier ones. The purpose of this is not to give your child a score or grade but to determine how to best support their learning.

i-Ready Instruction provides students with lessons based on their individual strengths and areas for growth. These lessons are interactive and provide strategic supports to keep your child engaged as they learn.

Winter i-Ready Diagnostic Administration

Starting next week, we will be administering this assessment virtually. It is important that you partner with us to ensure that students have a successful experience. Though students are assessing at home, it is important that they do not receive help in answering questions on the assessment. If help is received, then the learning path for students will not match their needs and will engage them in material that is not appropriate for where they are as learners. This link, Supporting Administration of iReady at Home, provides a checklist to prepare for the assessment. Please review the family video from the checklist.

To help prepare your child for the i-Ready Diagnostic, encourage him or her to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a full breakfast the day of the assessment.

  • Try their best on each question and try not to rush.

  • Try not to worry about questions to which they do not know the answers—remind them that it is expected that they will only get about half of the questions correct.

  • Encourage the use of paper and pencil to show work for math questions

Thank you for your continued support and for being a partner in your child’s learning! We look forward to continue sharing i-Ready information with you throughout the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennie Muhlhausen, our instructional coach at jmuhlhausen@csdecatur.net. You can also learn more about i-Ready by visiting i-ReadyCentral.com/FamilyCenter.

Tips for Helping Children Cope with Change

  • Be willing to talk and listen. Be honest about the changes that are coming, and listen to concerns they may have. Let them know that you empathize with their feelings and that you are there for them. Answer all of their questions even if they ask it more than once, and try to refrain from negative comments you may feel.

  • Give advanced warning. Have a discussion with your child about the upcoming transition. Be honest, but also developmentally appropriate in your phrasing. Children need time to process all of the information they are exposed to.

  • Keep your routine. During a big transition, try to keep as much the same as possible. Children appreciate daily routines and repetition or they may become overwhelmed. Children thrive on the predictability of routines.

  • Expect that some regression may happen. At times of change, children may regress to earlier behaviors. This is normal - strive for patience.

  • Be accepting of grieving. Your child may go through a process that looks a lot like grieving as they navigate new waters with a new house, sibling, teacher or school. Listen, don’t be too quick to distract, and at the end, remind them of all the positive things.

During times of change, a little extra attention will go a long way in helping children deal with stress. Plan an hour or half-hour each week where your child has your undivided attention. It is important to use playtime to help a child’s development. Let your child pick the activity or follow your child’s lead. Extra attention and patience from you help your child understand that although some aspects of life are changing, your love and care remains constant!

If you would like an additional couple of resources, here are two articles: Edutopia on Supporting Kids Through Times of Change and How to Help Your Child Cope with Change Positively. We welcome you to reach out to your child’s school counselor by parent referral form or by email; both are on the Talley Counseling site.

Talley School Counseling Site

Kimberly Weaver kiweaver@csdecatur.net

Alan Pendrick jpendrick@csdecatur.net

Media Center Updates

Because students are returning to school next week, the Talley Media Center is making some changes to better ensure that books can get into our students’ hands. Please see the updates below, and contact Mrs. Long (along@csdecatur.net) with any questions.

  • In-person students will be placing holds and getting book deliveries while they are at school. Students will have a library orientation once they return to school, and parents will receive more information about book checkout from their child’s homeroom teacher’s newsletter on January 22.

  • Virtual students will still have the option to pick up holds placed through the media center.

    • HOURS ARE CHANGING! Beginning next week (1/22/21), the book pickup hours will be Wednesdays from 11:45 AM-2:45 PM.

    • If your child is virtual and interested in picking up books from Talley, please fill out this form.

    • When you arrive for pickup, there will be a bin for returns.

    • Pickups will be on a cart and labeled with your child’s name.

    • Holds must be placed by Tuesday at noon in order to pick them up on Wednesday.

    • Check to make sure your books are ready for pickup before you come by following these directions!

  • All books will be placed on a three day quarantine before returning to circulation (as recommended by research from the OCLC’s REALM Project) to ensure safety of use.

SLT Meeting

The information for the next Talley SLT Meeting is below.

Talley Street Upper Elementary School

SLT Regular Meeting

Thursday, January 14, 2021



Presidents' Day Contest

The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is now accepting entries for their annual Presidents' Day contest. This year's theme is

A Journey of Excellence: The Extraordinary Life of President Jimmy Carter

Students are invited to submit original essays, poems, and artwork related to the theme. For more information and submission requirements, click here.

PTO Updates

The Myths of Racism and Beyond: Personal and Community Reflections

Please join us in January for the next The Myths of Racism and Beyond: Personal and Community Reflections, sponsored by the DEI Committee.

Whether you are a social justice champion or wrestling with these topics for the first time, this workshop will help all of us deepen our understanding of racism and strengthen our commitment to action.

Through independent individual reflections in a personal journal and group sessions reflecting as a community once a month, our Talley Street Upper Elementary community will examine the power of race and discuss its impact across racial lines. Everyone is invited to provide their voice, perspective, and experiences with the power of race.

The series will cover the article “The 10 Myths White People Believe About Racism,” with a paired bite-sized reading and short racial equity video assigned each month. It will include time for independent individual reflections through a personal journal and time for community reflections during group discussions once a month.

The remaining Community Reflections will be Thursdays from8-9 PM on Zoom on the following dates:

Jan 21

Feb 25

Mar 18

Apr 22

May 13

If you are unable to attend all sessions, you can work through the personal reflections asynchronously and join the community reflections as you can.

To participate, please fill out this google form. Email Charlie Copp with any questions. Charlie is a CSD parent and will help facilitate the series along with fellow Talley parent Elliott Robinson.

Yearbook input needed!

Your Talley 2020-21 Yearbook Committee is working on a great yearbook for this year - despite our unusual circumstances! We need your input on the best way to do student portraits. Please take a minute to fill out this survey. As always, email any questions or comments to yearbook@talleypto.org.

Community Updates

Talley Street Passive Fundraising

Amazon Smile

We're now on Amazon Smile! Log into www.smile.amazon.com and log into your Amazon

account, then select Talley Street Upper Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization, then save and the PTO will start getting quarterly deposits!

One important tip - you MUST be logged in via smile.amazon.com while shopping for us to

receive any funds.

Kroger Community Rewards

We are set up to receive funds from Kroger. From your account screens, select Community

Rewards and search for “Talley Street Upper Elementary School PTO." Select it and then you

should be all set. Every time you use your Kroger card, the PTO will benefit!

Box Tops

Box Tops have gone digital! Download the app, Box Tops for Education. Enter your

information, select Talley St., scan receipts and done! We will no longer be collecting paper box

tops. If you have any issues using the app, you can submit (via the app) the item not being

recognized on your receipt for credit.

Publix Partners

Looking for an easy way to support Talley Street PTO?

Who knew Passive Fundraising could be SO easy!! You don' need the key chain card anymore.

Follow the easy instructions on the link:


We’re set up as: Talley Street Upper Elementary School – Decatur, GA

Helpful Links

www.csdecatur.net/opening - a repository for all documents, announcements, and communications about how CSD is handling the 2020-2021 school year.

www.csdecatur.net/nutrition - How to order meals

www.csdecatur.net/bustracker - How to sign up for the new Predictable Ryde Bus tracking app used for meal delivery, soon for the Fly-brary, mobile book delivery and when in-person learning resumes to track students on their buses
https://virtual.csdecatur.net/tech-help (how parents and staff can put in a tech support request)

https://virtual.csdecatur.net/students - classroom login information

https://virtual.csdecatur.net/parents - Virtual Learning Handbooks

Social Media and Contact Information

You can find more information on the following Facebook pages:

Talley Street Principal

Talley Street Upper Elementary School PTO

Talley Street Upper Elementary School Parents

Talley Street Artists

For news in the Media Center and from our school counselors, check out their websites:

Media Center Website

Counseling Website

For more about the Talley Street PTO, visit their website here: https://talleypto.org/

Girls on the Run

We WILL have another wonderful Girls on the Run season this Spring! The season will start the first week in March. Please stay tuned for more information and keep checking the Talley Newsletters for updates!