Beebe Honors School Board

January, 2016

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The five Beebe School Board members possess what seems to be the perfect combination of knowledge and various skills that contribute to a very collaborative team. Those individual skills, combined with the desire to create the best possible learning environment and success for every student, makes the Beebe School Board a very effective and supportive group. In all the years dealing with this board, I can honestly say, they truly are concerned about students and staff. The question, “How will this affect students,” is always at the forefront of each and every decision they make. The vision adopted by the board is very fitting, “The Beebe School Community, Preparing Every Student for Success!”

Brenda McKown

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Ms. Brenda McKown, President of the Beebe School Board, has served on the Board 20+ years. As former president of the McRae School Board, Ms. McKown was instrumental in the annexation of the McRae School District. She led the combining of the two districts with poise and professionalism. She now serves as President of the Arkansas School Boards Association and facilitates state meetings. Utilizing her years of training and experience, she leads many board meetings at both the local and state levels. Ms. McKown’s profound understanding of the District makes her an expert school board member.

Clay Goff

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Mr. Clay Goff is serving in his third year as a Beebe School Board member. Mr. Goff’s financial expertise and real estate expertise are beneficial to the operation of the Beebe School Board, but “people skills” is his specialty. He is able to successfully communicate with people from all walks of life and is a great role model. He brings his special talents to enhance serving on the board, which benefit the District. As a Beebe School District graduate, with children who attend the District, he has a total understanding and is keenly aware of the District’s future needs. Mr. Goff is a team player who desires the best education possible for all students attending the Beebe School District.

Harold Davis

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Mr. Harold Davis has thirteen years on the school board and has been extremely involved in the growth of the district. As a former McRae School Board Member, Mr. Davis played a large part in the districts’ annexation. With a business background, Mr. Davis is often able to give the business perspective with decisions and purchases. He is also very technology minded and thinks progressively toward the District’s vision. Having three children attend the District has given him a well-rounded, district-level perspective from pre-K – twelfth grade. He is always interested in progress, and especially academic success by providing more opportunities for Beebe students.

Janet Hines

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Ms. Janet Hines is serving her second round as a school board member, with a total of nine years. She was on the Beebe School when the Beebe/ McRae annexation took place. Ms. Hines is a very compassionate individual who is concerned with the whole child. The Badger Food Pantry developed from an idea Ms. Hines presented to the board. She is a lifelong Beebe area resident who graduated from the Beebe School District. Ms. Hines’ older children progressed through the district several years ago, and now, her three youngest children are attending Beebe. Ms. Hines is a caring individual who looks for ways to promote and plan for the District’s future growth. Her common sense and business

background definitely provide good direction and stability for the future.

Robert Jenkins

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Mr. Robert Jenkins is completing his tenth year on the Beebe School Board. He is a former graduate from Beebe, with several relatives who previously served on the Beebe School Board, including his father and his uncle. In addition, Robert also has a son, wife and other family members who graduated from Beebe. This long line of successful graduates provides a deep legacy within the district. Mr. Jenkins has been very involved with the facility development, academic progress and growth for the past ten years and is supportive of increased educational offerings for students. Mr. Jenkins offers a business perspective and a genuine feeling of ownership to the District.

In honor of School Board Recognition month, we would like to say thank you to the Beebe School Board for your hard work and dedication to Beebe Students.