Tech-Savvy RHSS

By: Mohammad N.

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About Our Club

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We are an after-school organization that go by the name Tech-Savvy RHSS (Rick Hansen Secondary School) and we are devoted entirely to technology. Whether it is something small like new computer programs, hardware, or penetration testing software to something huge like a new medicine\vaccine being developed to cure ebola, we want to know about it.

Our club meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4:00 p.m in room 208to discuss all these issues developing in the world, big or small.

What We Do

We do many different things in our club. Some of these things include intense arguments and discussions on various topics ranging from small and unimportant topics to hugely important and complex topics. We also compete against each other in an attempt to outrank everyone else's knowledge on technology.
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Our Goals

Our goal in this club is to learn as much about electronics and technology as possible by the end of our time together. This in turn will help us all in our years to come as we will have a greater understanding than most about the wonders of the world that we take for granted.
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How We Will Know If We Were Successful

We will know if our club was successful in 1 of 2 ways. The first is if we have a heightened understanding of technology and how it works. This includes technology in the fields of science, engineering, programming, game development, etc. The second way is if we enlarge our using capacity of these devices to more than just games and music (for handheld devices and computers). If we succeed in completing these 2 things, we will know we were successful.