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St. Gabriel School ............. January 18, 2016

Developing our God-given souls, minds, talents and gifts .......................................... as servant leaders .......................................... in the community of the Body of Christ.

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sacred Scripture: John 2:3:

When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, "They have no wine."

Weekly Reflection:

Mary's statement, "they have no wine," was a prayer. That prayer was answered in a way that was likely far beyond her expectations.

When we make a prayer of petition, we often mention how we would like our prayer answered, but sometimes I like to imitate Mary's Cana-style of praying. Instead of telling the Lord how and when I would like my request answered, I just express what's on my mind and trust that Jesus has a better answer than I. If we have deep trust in God, we can express our hurts, fears, or any of our concerns and feel assured our loving God will know what is best to do."

Fr. James McKarn, Living With Christ, The Word of God, Daily Prayer, & the Bread of Life, January 2016.

BREAKING NEWS: Cinderella Play Practice CANCELLED today, Monday, January 18, due to weather

REMINDER! Chess Club Registration

Chess Club Winter Registration forms due January 19.

We are happy to announce the next session of the St. Gabriel School Chess Club! For the winter/spring session, we will be meeting in the new Grizzly Learning Den.

  • Starts this Wednesday, January 20.
  • 2:30--4:00pm
  • 10 Wednesdays through April 6.
  • In the new Grizzly Learning Den

Please complete the registration form below, and return it to the Office with fee by Tuesday, January 19th.

Registration Form

Reminder--Enrollment for Grades K-8


Please return your 2016.17 enrollment forms to the School Office by March 1st. If you have NOT received your packet please contact the School Office.

Additionally 2016-17 PSAS forms are now available on-line on the school website

Please direct any questions to the School Office.

Thank you!

Reminder-- ROUNDUP Kindergarten Enrollment for Learning Loft

  • There is an important new one-stop Kindergarten "ROUNDUP" Process for Kindergarten enrollment to facilitate a simplified "one-stop Roundup" process for children in the Learning Loft pre-school and Learning Loft pre-K families.

  • You can bring your Kindergarten registration materials to the Loft Great Room ROUNDUP

  • Monday January 25, between 11:00am--12:00noon - see flyer below!
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Reminder--Junior Kindergarten enrollment

  • The one-stop "jR kindergarten ROUNDUP" will be at the School Office,

  • February 8, from 5:00--7:00pm.

  • For all pre-school families

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January 18, 2016 - January 22 , 2016

January 18

  • NO School - MLK Day
  • CINDERELLA PLAY PRACTICE CANCELLED because of severe weather

January 19 - 25

  • Scholastic Book Fair -- see info below

January 19

  • Scholastic Book Fair -- Grizzly Learning Den (GLD)
  • Brownie Mtg. (Malinas) Church basement (MR1) 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Daisy Mtg. (Bender) Church Basement 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Grizzly Academy 2:40 pm - 4:00 pm

January 20

  • Scholastic Book Fair -- GLD
  • All School Mass in the Church 8:05 am
  • Gr 5-6 Sacrament of Reconciliation following Mass
  • Grizzly Academy 2:40 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Drama Club (Geauga Theater) 2:45 pm - 4:40 pm
  • Grizzly Growler (Press Club) 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Student Council Meeting 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
  • Power of the Pen 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

January 21

  • Scholastic Book Fair -- GLD
  • Grizzly Academy 2:40 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Play Practice 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • 3:00--7:00pm -- Parent Shopping Night for Book Fair

Janjuary 22

  • Scholastic Book Fair -- GLD

january 24

  • 10:00am -- 2:00 pm - Parishioner Shopping Day for Book Fair.

Looking Ahead ...

January 25

  • 11:00am--12:00pm Learning Loft Families Kindergarten enrollment RoundUP at Learning Loft
  • All School Spelling B

January 26

  • Report cards go home
  • 6:00-7:00 pm Gr 8 Science Fair Open House
  • 7:00 pm - Gr 6 Called to Protect parent meeting

January 27

  • 8:05am All School Mass

January 28

  • PTU Skating Event - United Skates in Wickliffe
  • 5:00pm – 8:30pm

January 31 -- February 6, 2016 -- CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK

Parish Mass, Open House, Career Day, Student Appreciation Day, Performing Arts and Catholic Identity Day, Staff Appreciation Day, All School Spirit Day

January 31 -- School Open House, 1:00--3:00pm

  • Come over to Open House after 11:30 Mass
  • Blessing Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Grizzly Learning Den Media Center
  • "Paws-itive" features of St. Gabriel School displays
  • School Programs and Classroom work displays
  • Catholic Schools Week Student Contest Winners displays
  • Band and Play performances
  • Refreshments and Community Fellowship

February 1 -- All School Career Day

February 2 -- Student Appreciation Day

  • Donuts treat for all classes in am
  • Student Dress Down Day Theme "Crazy socks"

February 3 -- Arts Day II

  • 8:05am All School Mass
  • "STEAM" Arts assemblies

February 4 -- Staff Appreciation day

February 5 -- All School Spirit Day

  • Dress Down for entire school in school colors
  • Student Faculty Basket Ball game and other gym activities

February 6

  • Power of the Pen District Competition
  • St. Gabriel Youth "Souper Bowl" project

February 8 through February 19, 2016 (having an earlier time this year)

  • Cognitive Abilities Testing (CogATs) - Gr 3, 5, 7
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) -- Gr 1-8
  • Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Open Enrollment "ROUNDUP"

February 10 -- Ash Wednesday

  • 8:05am -- All School & Parish Mass

February 12 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 13 -- Grade 2 First Reconciliation

  • 10:00am First Session
  • 12:00pm Second Session

February 15--Presidents Day


February 17

  • 8:05am All School Mass

February 18

  • Regional Spelling B at Auburn Career Center

February 19 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 21

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for 8th Grade Class Trip
  • School MPR
  • 7:30am--2:00pm

February 24

  • 8:05am All School Mass

February 26 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 27 -- Learning Loft Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

March 2

  • 8:05am All School Mass

March 4 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 9

  • 8:05am All School Mas

March 11 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 12 -- St. Gabriel BOK Food Fast

March 16

  • 8:05am All School Mass

March 18 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 23

  • 8:05am All School Mass
  • 1:15pm Living Stations

March 24--April 1 -- Easter Break NO SCHOOL

April 4 -- Classes Resume

April 6

  • 8:05am All School Mass

April 9 -- District Power of the Pen Regional Competition

April 13

  • 8:05am All School Mass

April 15 and 16

  • Performing Arts Group "Cinderella"
  • 7:00pm
  • Pahler Center

April 17

  • Performing Arts Group "Cinderella"
  • 3:00pm
  • Pahler Center

May 2 & 3

  • Kindergarten Screening

May 9

  • May Crowning, church

May 16

  • 7:00pm Grades 4-5 Music Program

May 26

  • 6:30-8:00pm Young Authors Young Artists Night

April 16

  • Gr 2 First Eucharist Retreat
  • 9:00am

April 17

  • Performing Arts Group "Cinderella"
  • 3:00pm
  • Pahler Center

May 2 & 3

Kindergarten Screening

May 9

May Crowning

May 16

7:00pm Grades 4-5 Music Program

May 26

Young Authors, Young Artists Night


St. Gabriel School Scholastic Book Fair -- January 19--25

The annual St. Gabriel School Book Fair will run Tuesday, January 19-January 25.

  • Classes visit the book fair during their scheduled computer times.
  • The fair will be open each day in the week before and after school.
  • There will be a special parent shopping night on Thursday, January 21 from 3-7.
  • There will also be another open shopping time on Sunday, January 24 for parishioners to visit after the masses, from 10-2.
  • Parent volunteers will be needed at various times throughout the week. Virtus certification required! Details and schedules and signup procedure to be announced this week. If you are interested and available, please notify Mrs. Erin Trem, erin.trem@st-gabrielschool.org.

Scholastic Book Fair information link

Catholic Schools Week January 31-February 5, 2016

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January 31, 11:30 Mass, followed by Open House. How will we celebrate?

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Career Day - Monday, February 1, 2016 - A few open spots left!

Catholic Schools Week will take place from January 31st, through February 6th. After Open House, on Sunday, January 31, we are creating another CAREER DAY on Monday, February 1st, with presentations in the morning.

If you are a parent, or a St. Gabriel Alumni, or have a family member or friend who has a career that you are passionate about, and you would like to offer your knowledge and experience with it as a worthy, fruitful, and fulfilling choice of career or study for our young people, we invite you to join us on our Career Day!

Or, or if you have a family member or friend you know who would like to share their career and the passion and expertise they have for it, please let us know by signing up on the link below.

Click HERE to register


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Shakespeare Residency -- the Classics reside in St. Gabriel Jr Hi!

Through several weeks of leading students through rigorous reading and English language arts lessons of close reading and writing, and research and study of William Shakespeare and the culture of the times, Mrs. Oster and Mrs. Paskey prepared the Jr Hi students for our annual Shakespeare Residency program featuring Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, held this past week January 11--15. We are proud of their success, and the final report of the Great Lakes actors group, that "your students were impeccable in both preparation and behavior!!"

  • Launched in 1981, Great Lakes Theater's in-school residency program is now one of the most successful artist-in-residence programs in the country. Each year over 16,000 students in over 100 schools experience the pleasure, power, and relevance of classic literature brought to life right in their own classrooms.

  • Designed to meet state education standards, and using an interactive, creative, hands on approach, a team of two specially trained actor-teachers visits a school for four-five consecutive days, teaching five classes per day; the same five classes for the entire week.

  • The actors bring scripts, props, costumes - and for the high schools, swords, daggers, and stage blood - to turn the students into an acting troupe, exploring classic literature from an actor's point of view.

  • Each day of each lesson plan involves three components: acting; discussion; theater exercises. the actor-teachers and students rehearse then perform side by side, with one another.

Gr 8 Science Fair - January 26, 2016

  • The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) states that scientific inquiry reflects how scientists come to understand the natural world, and it is at the heart of how students learn. From a very early age, children interact with their environment, ask questions, investigate, hypothesize, and seek ways to answer those questions. Understanding science content is significantly enhanced when ideas are anchored to inquiry experiences.

  • In our Jr Hi Science classes, Mrs. Stephanie Loncar guides students in learning and frequently applying this important skill of scientific inquiry, and often uses problem based and project based learning instruction methods. For the past couple months she has been guiding 8th grade students in improving their skills of scientific inquiry, and in producing unique scientific experiments and research in the rigorous preparation and development of their Science Fair projects.

  • The St. Gabriel Science Fair is fast approaching as 8th grade students put final touches on their projects. On Tuesday, January 26, students will set up their displays in the MPR. ​This year we are welcoming Honors Chemistry students from Lake Catholic to judge our projects! Judging will take place during the school day, allowing students the opportunity to defend their research during judging!

  • Tuesday evening our Science Fair Open House, from 6:00-7:00pm in the MPR will provide the opportunity for students and families to come celebrate all projects and recognize the winning projects! A selection of our winning projects will be invited to enter their project into the prestigious Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF), March 14-17th, at Cleveland State University.

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The St. Gabriel Builders of the Kingdom youth ministry program will host its 9th annual youth-run hunger awareness event known as the Souper Bowl. The Souper Bowl is a unique service project run by sixth through twelfth grade students. The goal of the Souper Bowl is to give the youth of our parish the opportunity to participate in a service project and fundraiser that helps an important social issue: local hunger. The students serve a meal of soup, salad and bread to the community while increasing awareness of local hunger.

The St. Gabriel Food Pantry, an agency of the Cleveland Food Bank, has been in service for 37 years. Last year it served over 23,000 people in the Lake County area. The Food Pantry personnel provide educational presentations to the students in preparation for the Souper Bowl to help increase students’ awareness and understanding that hunger exists in their own communities. The Food Pantry relies on the generosity of the community and events like these to support their efforts in this worthwhile cause.

Please invite your family and friends to attend this valuable community event, share a meal and fellowship while working towards a common goal—to alleviate hunger in our community. Entertainment provided by the St. Gabriel Jazz Band and High School students. Students grades 6-12 interested in volunteering, please contact Paula Haumesser at 440-354-7551 or Phaumesser@st-gabriel.org or Mary vonCarlowitz at Mvoncarlowitz@st-gabriel.org.

~ Adults $10 Children (6-10) $5 Children 5 and under—Free ~

Pre sale tickets available in the Gathering Area and Parish Office beginning weekend of January 23rd or at the door Feb 6th

Souper Bowl Ticket Form

Snow Day reminders


  1. Students are expected to do work that was already assigned or regularly expected for the day that became a snow day(s). if a quiz or test was scheduled, it will be taken on the first day back after the snow day(s).
  2. No new instruction or new work or new assignments will be given. As with homework normally, if students have questions or problems, they can ask the teachers when they get back to school.
  3. Teachers will post on their web pages by noon on each snow day, any news, information, instructions or changes students and/or parents need to know about classwork, homework, or other assignments or events. Students and parents must check teacher web pages each snow day.
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Please make special places in your hearts and prayers for all persons in our St. Gabriel Community:

For the Gromack family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of Mrs. Gromack's brother, uncle to students Ava and Gianna.

For Mrs. Rita Citraro, for prayers of comfort in the loss of her father George.

For the Burtch family, for prayers of healing, especially for grandpa Richard Farrell.

For Darin C, for prayers for healing and comfort in illness.

For the Pokersnik family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their grandmother Helen.

For Ava and Gianna Gromack and their family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their Uncle

For the Thornton family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their grandmother, Roberta Thornton.

Please keep in your prayers, general intercessions for all in our community, especially all of our students who have suffered losses of loves ones over the last few years. And I know there are many needing both big and little prayers here and there, for many reasons. I was once read an anonymous quote:

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

A very special expression of appreciation and thanks to our wonderful school parent Sunshine Committee who strives to lead reach out efforts of love and support and help for those in our community in suffering!

Submitting School News, Memos, and Information

If you wish to have something included in the Weekend Virtual Back (VB) or the Weekday News and Notes, or any of our shorter email memos, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Michelle Clarke, at michelle.clarke@st-gabrielschool.org. All items must be approved by the principal and follow our policies. Thank you!!

NOTE: Also, if there are technical obstacles or difficulties in preventing you from accessing a linked item, or getting the correct information, please let Mrs. Clarke know, and she will get you the document or item or information you need!

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