Safety Online

Your rights and responsibilities online

Safety Online

When you are on line there are many dangers which you have to be aware of. You need to choose your passwords very carefully so all your accounts and personal information stay protected. Also you need to be careful with what you post. You are responsible for anything that you post.
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Rights and responsibilities online and how you can use social networks safely

Firstly your digital reputation is defined by your behavior online and by the content that you post about yourself and others. A poor digital reputation can affect your friendships, relationships and even your job prospects so protect your digital reputation.

The main responsibilities online are to respect others and respect ourselves. You need to be careful out there because there are many dangers. You all have the right to be protected against all these dangers and trust me if you use the web correctly you won’t have to face any of them.

Privacy is another important matter. You have the right to protect your personal information and privacy. All social networking sites allow you to restrict your privacy settings. You can further protect your privacy by

ensuring your passwords are strong and you change them frequently.`

Things you should avoid doing are:

· Never respond to spam

· Never talk to strangers

· Never share your password

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Digital Safety, Responsibility and Awareness- For Middle School Students