All about Me..

Nayeli Cervantes


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About Myself

  • I love scrap booking and doing a lot of things for my self
  • I love animals
  • I love drawing and doing hands on activities
  • I love puting on make up on people

Little about me..

I was born at Longview,TX at Good Shepard Hospital. My daddy named me Nayeli because it means " I love you ' in a different language. I have attended school in Kilgore all my life so far and I am thinking of attending college. When I grow up and have my family I want to move to Corpus Christi.

Future Plans

I want to graduate from high school and I would like to go to a college and study to be a cosmetologist. I would also would like to be a fashion designer and an administrative assistant. I want to be someone in life and support my family and my parents when I grow up.


I have 2 brothers and their names are Yonathan and the other one is Jovanny. Yonathan is 6th grade and Jovanny is in 1st grade and they both are great brothers. I remember the day they were born. Jovanny was born September 9, 2008. Yonathan was born April 22, 2003. We are 3 years and 3 months apart.My mom is Maria Cervantes and my dad is Martin Cervantes