Stolen Generation

By Asha Quigley

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1.When did the Stolen Generation start and end?

2.How many children were taken to homes?

3.What is does the term Stolen Generation mean?

4.Why did the government only take the light coloured skin children?

5.Where did they take the aboriginal children to?

Answers If Needed


1. The Stolen Generation law started 1909 and ended 1969 but white people start stealing children

2. The approximate children stolen is 50,000.

3.The term “Stolen Generations” is used for Aboriginal people forcefully taken away from their families between the 1890s and 1970s, many to never to see their parents, siblings or relatives again.

4. It was thought they the lighter coloured skins or half-castes would assimilate more easily into white society.

5. The children were taken to homes all over Australia, some treated the children kindly some used the children as slaves.