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Facts about Sodium

Atomic Number: 11

Atomic Weight: 22.990

Melting Point: 370.95 K (97.80°C or 208.04°F)

Boiling Point: 1156 K (883°C or 1621°F)

Density: 0.97 grams per cubic centimeter

Group Name: Alkali Metal

Cost: 15-20 cents for a pound

My Sologin was Just add water for explosive results

Other Facts about Soidum

1. Sodium is the 6 most common element on earth

2. It makes up about 3% of the earths crust

3. It mixes very easy with other elements

4. Its used from makeing salt to titanium

5. It can never be found just as sodium in nature since its very reactive

6. It will ignite when in water and explode if enough is dropped in

7. At room temperatures its soft enough to cut through with a knife

8. If you want to rember sodium just think about batman since it's symbol is Na

Sodium in Water

Origins of Sodium

It was found by a man named Humpry Davis who used electorlysis on a battery to identifiy and discover multiply elements one was Sodium in 1807

The word sodium is thought to orginaly to come from the Arabic word Suda

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